Very depressed and need advice

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  1. Hey blades...!
    I am overwhelmed with some things a have to face in the near future, i will start from the beginning.
    Last summer i got snitched on, a guy i knew for years was workin with undercovers. He wore a wire on me and a few days later i got busted for possession with intent to distribute. I am goin to be sentenced at the end March and i have a meeting with a PO for a pre-sentence deal.
    Everything sucks because my license is suspended, im gonna be put on probation and I'm goin to lose my job when i get jail time. My goal this year was to go back to school and move out of my parents. This is a major set back in my life, it's like a nightmare and i can't wake up!:eek:
  2. Have Hope and have Faith bro. It may be a set back but if you work hard enough you can bounce back as hard. Accept what happened, dont try and plot revenge on the guy. Take this as your chance to figure out where you want to go
  3. Don't drop the soap

    Jokes man you'll get back onto your grind just watch some inspirational movies like the pursuit of happyness and the social network
  4. don't plot revenge, why the hell not, this dude just fucked him over in the worst way. don't do anything that will land you in jail, but you gotta get back at him. if it's your first charge, they'll probably just work out a plea deal to put you on 2 year probation and lots of community service and then you can probably get it off your record in a couple years. ive been in the same situation man and I'm in college about to be getting a job i want for the summer man so don't look at it like you have no future.

  5. Because it won't solve anything. Save your vendettas for a nobler cause.
  6. I will deal with the guy sooner or later. If not my other friends will cuz the word is out he's a rat and been hiding for months.
    I hope i can bounce back as hard. The deal was when i complete probation it will be dropped from a felony to a misdomeeanor, so i hope I'm on for a year max. They didn't file the first distribution charge. And yes this is my first offense.
    I just hope the interview with the PO goes good. I been told to lie and kissass.
  7. What do you need to lie about? Definitely kiss Ass though
  8. Better hope your parole officer isn't an active GC member haha
  9. revenge is stupid doesnt fix anything just choose your friends wisely

  10. I still been smokin and i don't wanna pay for drug classes. So ill say i haven't smoked since the incident. I don't think they can legally drug test me anyway yet, cuz the judge has not said anything about drug testing, just to check in and make an appointment.
  11. when you get out focus on being a better man

    us fellow stoners feel for you very much OP <3
  12. I'd postpone, and try to attack the credibility of the witness. Has your lawyer heard the tapes? are they clear? did you use slang or were you in any way unclear? it may matter.

    from the other side... how long have you had your job? if long it may matter. have a supervisor who likes you and might write you a letter to the court saying how responsible and productive a member of the company that you are.

    Worst to worst, you'll start over. It seems impossible sometimes, but I've personally done it twice. 2 years apiece.
  13. I love you!!! Haha all jokes aside man, you are a person and should be able to live out your dreams and not be squelched by someone that wishes to control your life. Endure the rough times that you have been subjected to, for if you want and work for them, better times will arise.
  14. I guess that's what I'm really worried about is bouncing back. It's already hard enough to find a job and jail....fuckin sucks
  15. Do your time and be more careful.
  16. No shit!
    I'm not slingin anything again.. Doin time? Easier said then done

  17. just wondering how much did they catch you with?
    You wont be going to jail though.

    Guess your gonna have to pat everyone down for wires from now on.

  18. I got caught with 27 grams. The fuckin cop put i had 84 grams. I thought all these months they were lying about this buy. But i found out its all bullshit saying that informants can't and don't smoke.
    Yeah I'm goin to jail. I live in the worst part of Utah where they can bust you just for having THC in your system.
  19. Hmmm man dude that sucks. Things are a lot different for you then. I got caught with a zip and some js in philly and all the cops did was take my weed and throw all my shit all over the street.

    Well all I can do is wish you the best of luck than. After this whole thing is over you will be a much stronger person.

    And im not saying take revenge on the kid, but where im from he would have to be in witness protection or he would be killed and dumped in the river. Where all the other snitches go.
  20. Hey people!

    I know this is old but good and bad news.. if anyone was wondering
    Good news: i only got 3 weeks in jail(just got out last night),$600 fine, some drug classes
    Bad news: I met with my probation officer today definitly no more weed, just benzos and psychadelics.
    Asshole gave me a curfew at 7pm till i gain some trust and find a job. My stepdad has guns and drinks everyday and he said he'll throw me in jail if theres any weapons or alcohol in the house if he comes by. My homie that promised me a job requires traveling outside the state, so i hope he lets me get this one.

    I thought it would be all be uphill after jail but theres still some bumps in the road...

    Take a big hit of dank for me people!

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