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Very curious

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Monkeytits39, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. is it possible for one hit of weed to stay in your system for more than 30 days given you are an occasional smoker?
  2. Yes. Monkeytits? I used to know a girl who's nickname was Camel tits. I couldn't stop staring at her boobs.
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    This is a very good question. Technically stuff never really fully leaves your system... According to science thc or any other molecule is taken into the body and begins to leave your system immediately. You can think of it in terms of the "half life" CONCEPT found in science, physics or chemistry. The amt of thc in your system gets less and less as time goes by if you don't smoke after but trace amounts COULD still be found years after. The thing about drug tests is you have to find out from the chem lab doing the testing exactly how small an amount of thc their particular testing method is capable of detecting. Some labs will fail you for a small amount while another lab using another testing method will pass you because it is incapable of detecting that small an amount...It's always a good idea to find out the minimum thc detectable from the labs in your area or used by the po-po aka five-0 aka babylon based on the labs that the law enforcement uses. It's gonna vary so be sure to find out when you move to a new hood. At the 3nd of the day someone has to decide what the MINIMUM THRESHOLD ACCEPTABLE for thc amount in blood or urine or whatever. IT WILL BE A JUDGEMENT CALL for someone...whoever is making the decision legally or in the lab chem, whichever one takes precedence in the eyes of the law of your land/region. If your thc content in blood or urine is above THE MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE THRESHOLD you fail said drug test...If it is below this THRESHOLD VALUE you pass the said drug test because according to the standard used you do not have enough thc in you. BE CAREFUL NOW. In other words some tests are more sensitive than others. Smoke weed but be smart...Weed.... It's not gonna matter for most people who smoke regularly...They are always going to have elevated thc levels in their system... but u sound like you don't smoke often and are a bit worried...Hope that helped
    Even pork/pig can remain in your system years after eating but thats dealing with digestion and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM (Not RESPITORY SYSTEM and or otherwise for inhalation of thc) and it's with the actual meat itself not on the molecular or chemical level. Smoke weed

    Intaking marijuana differently from inhaling like eating for example involves different SYSTEMS OF THE BODY. Eating weed brownies necessarily involves the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, while smoking a j does not (respitory system see above)... So the marijuana may be stored differently in the body and thus leave/exit/pass out differently...Ask a chemistry or biology at the local community college or high school...Or crack den...012 Where ever...

    If memory serves weed/thc also stores in your body's fat cells ....A Rastaman I knew used to drink a lot of coconut water and jog a lot to avoid parole violatios. There is stuff you can drink or take days before the test to pass but u have to stop smoke for a bit...I'm not sure...thats what I heard from the rasterman...Urban myth some say...I wonder what ever happened to jim....

    Hair follicle testing is tricky... I'm not sure how to get around that easily. Stay bald and shaved for religion...Best I can suggest from a legal standpoint...
    But I think this form of testing is more expensive and not as widely used...

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  4. Thanks! yeah it's going to be a chemistry analyzer with a cutoff of 50 ng
  5. Well there ya go. Talk to a chem nerd and u sir are good to go. Talk to one of the sex or gender of your preference sexually/relationship wise...If they are having problems adjusting cause they are a chem geek nerd stoner and you really like them ...You are good as gold man
    There are HOT nerd geeks out there...Don't tell much people they impress EASILY

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  6. Litmus paper tests your current level of paranoia. Much like preggo tests do. And its 99.9% error proof just like condoms!
  7. Anything is possible...

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