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VERY close encounter with the fuzz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeeDomain, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I was walking home from a friend's house one night at around 2:30am - stoned as shit of course. I just bought a quart of some dank headies, was pretty excited.

    But on my way home, I noticed that cop activity was pretty high. Three cop cars drove past me, each about 10 seconds apart. Being stoned out of my mind, I proceeded to be a dumbass and continue to walk in their general direction thinking I wouldn't get stopped.

    I was about half way home when I spotted a cop SUV at a gas station. I nonchelantly (calmly) walked by pretending not to care. Unfortunately, he still noticed I was there. He drove up right in front of me trying to block my walking path. He got out of the car and said

    "Hey can I talk to you for a minute?"

    At which point I nearly shit my pants and said "Yeah sure". Not only was I carrying a lot of weed, but they were individually seperated and put into pre-weighed dub baggies. I could've been arrested on the spot and booked as a dealer (I am 18).

    "Don't worry i'm not gunna bust you" he said first.

    I was at most 2.5 feet away from him; Close enough to smell dank pot. I still didn't trust him, so I just answered his questions as calmly as possible. I must say I did quite well in dealing with the situation considering I was incredibly blitzed.

    I then explained to him that I was just walking home from a friend's house and that my house is only two blocks away.

    After a short conversation, he left and I was free to go.

    TL;DR: Walking home from friend's house with lots of weed, cop stops me, I talk my way out of it, and I avoid getting busted for dealing.

    EDIT: I am not a dealer, nor do I intend to be. I was picking up a quart because my friend was giving me a deal for it. ($100 for some very dank bud).
  2. You might not want to tell a bunch of random people online your dealing, other than that...

    Cool story bro:cool:
  3. The correct answer to the question the cop asked you, about if he could talk to you , would be "No sir, I am trying to walk home and I am in a hurry. Good evening officer."

    Got lucky son. You don't talk to cops when you have weed.
  4. I think you did the right thing here.

    This would have just given the cop a reason to detain and search you. I think if you just give them the respect of answering their questions, they're more likely to just let you go on your way. If you give them an attitude or act like you're clearly trying to get out of there, you'll get fucked with.

    He never said he was dealing, he had his green in separated bags. If a cop were to find that he'd be charged with possession with intent to sell.
  5. I don't think you get it.

    It's 2 in the morning, you see a random young adult walking the streets with no other cars around... as a cop I would probably stop that person and at least talk to him.

    Also, NEVER sound like you're in a hurry to get somewhere when talking to a cop. They stop you for a reason, that being he/she suspects you of drug dealing.
  6. ^
    This, 100%

  7. Telling a cop you can't answer their question is no reason for them to detain you. It is not disrespectful as long as you're not an asshole about it. They asked if they COULD ask him a question, to which he could reply NO.

    Talking to them would have given them suspicion that he's nervous or seems to be hiding something, then once they smell the weed they now have probable cause to search and arrest you. That's why they wanted to talk to him, to get probable cause. You are never obligated to talk to a police officer anyways, even if you are under arrest. Learn your rights.
  8. It might just have been how he got his weed but having them separated looks like he has intent to distribute. Not that he was dealing at least thats how i read it.
  9. I missed the part where its 2 am, saying you're in a hurry at that point would not be smart I stand corrected. But you still don't have any obligation to speak to the police, just explain you're going home and you have work early and really don't have time to talk.
  10. [quote name='"Bindin13"']You might not want to tell a bunch of random people online your dealing, other than that...

    Cool story bro:cool:[/quote]

    If you read a bit more carefully, you'd catch they part where he'd saying he has got the weed on him in packs, like a dealer would. So he would have been prosecuted as a dealer, considering the amounts of weed.

    Threadstarter, you got lucky! Just so you know, when a police officer asks you something, you do not have to concur in what he is saying. You are allowed to say no.

    The police fucks around with us all the time like this.

    I.E.: Cop pulls you over, and asks you the following: "Hey, if you've got nothing to hide, you wouldn't mind me taking a look in your car, would you?"

    You naturally reply with no.

    No meaning what? You've got nothing to hide, or that he can search your car?

    This is very clever of the cops. The right way to reply to this is... No, I do not try to hide anything, but you may not search my car. This way, you're replying to both questions, making yourself completely clear.

    - Serenity
  11. Ya I've had to deal with several cops high and I can tell you the best method is just to answer their questions respectfully and act innocent, I've never been busted so don't listen to people that say know your rights and don't let em search, just hide your weed and if they ask to search just let them and they wont look for very long and probly wont find your stuff, if you refuse they will get dogs then tow your car and take it apart until they find your shit. The three times I was pulled over at night for driving slow they didn't even ask to search
  12. I always dispose of any "extra" bugs as soon as I can
  13. I guess I can understand your logic. I actually recently watched a "flex your rights" video on youtube and learned quite a bit, which is probably why I was able to handle the situation so well.

    I agree with you on the aspect of our own rights, however my situation was a little unique. I mean, how suspicious is it to a cop if there's a random individual with a black hoodie and jeans walking around a town at 2 am. To top that off, I felt in my case he would've had more cause to search me if I refused to talk with him.

    If this had happened in broad daylight and a random cop stopped me, i'd politely tell him "no thank you, i'm busy."

  14. Agreed, you put yourself in a bad position. You shouldn't have been walking around that late with drugs, most people walking around that late are drunk or up to no good, thus cops like to talk to them and get their probable cause. Either the cop you talked to didn't notice, or more likely was on his way to bust a couple drunk drivers or late night traffic stops, more money than a possesion charge this late at night.

    Regardless, you got lucky. Just be careful, don't do things that bring unwanted attention to yourself. Carrying drugs at 2am where cops may be is definitely avoidable.

  15. I totally see where you're coming from with this, and I'm a huge proponent of standing up for your rights. Sadly though, with the day and age we live in cops rarely need a legitimate reason to detain/search you anymore.

    Someone who shows a cop that they "know their rights" is more likely to get their shitty treatment, unless it's done respectfully. If you say to a cop "I KNOW MY RIGHTS, MAN" and "YOU CAN'T HOLD ME MAN I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG", you'll probably find your ass in the back of a squad car.
  16. I actually learned quite a bit after that experience. Was quite a wake-up call for me (considering my life could've shot into a different tangent in an instant). Now, I leave my friend's house before 12am and I take a different path home. Had no problem doing it a second time. Didn't spot a single cop.

  17. There ya go man, its a dangerous world us stoners live in. Just gotta keep to yourself, be smart, and hope you don't get the shaft even if you do everything right.

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