Very close call at SCHOOL.

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  1. During lunch me and a friend decided to go to the other side of the school to smoke:smoke: and we had someone keep watch. We both smoked wayy more than we needed to and one of the girls keeping watch for us said that a staff member was coming:eek:. We both tripped the fuck out and ran and the staff member saw us and asking what we were doing. We were at the car pool area so we said we were waiting for her(my friend's) mother. she believed us. Anyways jane(my friend) told me to meet her in one of the girl bathrooms.
    The wierd is that as I'm writing this I feel like this didn't happen, like it was a dream.:confused: But anyways as I walked through the hallway I felt like I was alone and in some type of movie. It was soooo scary! As I walked through the hall searching for the bathroom I convinced myself that she hadn't said that, and that I was gonna be caught. When I thought back to her telling me to meet her, I couldn't actually remember it.
    But eventually I found her and we went back our classes, where i had another adventure. :rolleyes:

    Just an experience I wanted to share. No more smoking at school for me. Sorry if I wasted your time.:D
  2. School > smoking.
  3. I only smoked at school once and then I had to play softball, terrifying. :eek:
  4. maybe you should do your homework and go to school like a good little boy.
  5. you know, when i went to high school it was such a joke..i would get blazed all the time before school and still had over a 4.0 with honors classes and whatnot..however college was not the same story..i would get blazed then fail my

    and yeh smoking while at school, good idea not
  6. +rep haha
  7. School > Smoking = QFT^

    Don't do it man.. just think about it ..:wave:
  8. school is not a place you should smoke at. Smoke before school, and come in blazed. Don't risk getting kicked out for smoking on school grounds...that's just stupid.
  9. I don't know about you guys, but I would die in my algebra class if I was baked.

    I save my weed for the weekends or when I'm done with work and school.
  10. I smoked a tiny nug before a science test I didn't study for and when I got it back it was a 71% and I had wrotes pages!

    Was a funny memory. But yeah, blazing and school do not mix...not in the least.
  11. Something quite similar happend to me and my m8 at school one day. Lunch time came and we went down to the usual spot for a smoke (back of some houses at side of the park next to school, so no need to keep an eye out) but neways we were smokin away threw a quick aluminium tin pipe(drinks tin) we made, we must have killed 6/7 each over a good half hour.

    This is the trippy bit, we heard russelin comein from behind us were the houses are. So we looked and these 2 dogs popped out of nowere grayhound type things. My friend, not a smart guy at the best of times, never mind the fact of bein stoned to fuk lol
    So he picks up what could only be best descibed as a thin tree about 6ft lng, and he decideds to poke the dogs (i no not wise) by this point i was already walking in the opposite direction. Next all i see is my m8 shoot past my shoulder, running lyk a mad man?
    I wondered for a split second untill i heard the dog bark. By which point i was already treadin on my m8s heels lol the dogs persisted to chase us at least half way across the park when we looked back they were gone.

    Now this was the point were both me and my m8 looked at each other at the same time and said did that realy happen?

    To this day we still ask each other "Did that really happen?"
  12. -dont smoke at school
    -If you have to, just take two good long tokes in your car and call it good.
  13. YES i have that 1st per and im pretty much failin it lol
  14. Sorry man, you were asking for it.
  15. I had a similar story; except the teacher knew I was high.

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