Very big problem, plants too tall and still in veg.

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  1. Let me start off by saying this is definitely the biggest oversight I have made so far. Even as a first time grower this is bad. I thought with the summer solstice the plants would switch to flowering, as the light cycle changes. Today being 3 weeks from June 21st, and no bud I was curious. Turns out its not until the Autumn Equinox Sept. 21st. Oh boy is this bad. I will post a picture I took of them today. [​IMG]
    As you can see they're huge for still being in veg. They're pretty much in uber veg at this point..Here are my questions/ concerns:
    1: They cant keep growing upwards, as there's not much more room.
    2: with still so much time left in Veg, I'm worried they'll get even closer than how they are now to each other- increasing chances of mold.
    3: If I cut them near the top, wont that just top them and make the lower branches go even higher, eventually reaching the roof as well?
    4:Can I top the colas that branched out from my first topping? Or can i only top the main stem/cola?
    5: What do I do

    This is a big problem as I stated in the title, and any advice I would GREATLY appreciate, as its not really possible for me to induce and keep them in flower as the greenhouse is in my backyard.
  2. Should be ok. They don't look like they are getting much light.
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  3. Top your tallest colas so the plant will focus on the others. I would do a defoliation to thin them out and increase light penetration. You could always LST/Scrog the plant over into the middle to where the whole area is covered. Keep the scrogg high enough so you can get under and across if need be. bring the plants in towards the center a bit to utilize a big scrogg, that way you can use the outsides to move around if need be. if after you scrogg them and train them to increase canopy size/lower height and they are still getting too tall just keep topping to keep the vertical growth at bay.
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  4. Thank you! I will do this, do you have a suggestion as to how high up or how low i should top them?
  5. depending on strain the plant can stretch at least 1/3rd of its size while in flower so ill let you do the math. stagger the plants so that they are not directly accross from eachother and LST those suckers over on their side and accross. The plant will become as wide as it is tall and start to grow back upwards. Not gonna have much room to move around but you dont have many options. Your gonna end up with some huge yields if you can make it work lol. Water the hell out of them so they are nice and bendy before you start training.

    LST them over on to their sides and then scrogg them up!
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  6. Thanks again, Ill look into all of this.
  7. Like Sade mentioned, they don't look like they're getting enough light. Is that greenhouse in the sun all day or are there some hours of shade? It sounds like you're planning on cutting them back, on one of them instead of cutting it back, super crop it. It's a handy skill and quite effective.
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  8. I mean, they just get whatever light the sun brings so im not too too sure. The greenhouse never moves so i guess they're in the sun "all day". I could super crop yes, but if im just gonna be cutting them down lower, and theyll still grow I might as well not make it so it can't grow at all upwards by super cropping.
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  9. Believe it or not a greenhouse doesn't have to move for it to be in shade for part of the day.
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  10. Thats what im saying, the sun comes up and goes down, i don't control that obviously. The greenhouse is shaded in certain spots, but its nothing i can control. For the most part of the day the sun is hitting them. When the sun rises, and before it sets. Sorry if im sounding extremely ignorant I just dont understand your point
  11. I think he might be implying that the reason your plants are so tall is because they are stretching for light hence them being so tall and lanky.
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  12. This may be true, but its nothing I have control over.
  13. ever considered some supplemental lighting in your greenhouse?
  14. I wasn't being critical.
  15. I understand. As it stands i dont have the money to buy lights and keep them on a schedule. If I did i definitely would.
  16. As it stands i dont have the money to buy lights and keep them on a schedule. If I did i definitely would.
  17. We all work with what we have. You have a greenhouse that appears to be in shade part of the day which is much better than no greenhouse at all and you're using it to the best of your ability. You'll be getting some bud that you wouldn't have without it so I think you're doing fine.
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  18. so no way to relocate the greenhouse or maybe trim some foliage around it to let in more sun light?
  19. Well if it was me. And I was growing in your Greenhouse.
    I would be topping those plants and super cropping those plants and LST and EST pulling them over to the ground like had been suggested.

    This is going to be a learning experience for you with your Greenhouse.
    You're going to do one or two things next year when you grow. You're going to either use less plants or you going to come up with a better training strategy.

    Learn how to grow in small places.

    I think both are needed.
    Good luck and happy growing[​IMG][​IMG]
    Also the summer solstice is the longest day of the year in my region it's about almost 16 hours of light if you're in my latitude here in the US (about Detroit )you probably won't start seeing any flower until around August 10th or 15th there about you should start seeing your first flower sign
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  20. at that point (august10th -15th)will the plants continue to grow? or will they be focused on making the bud/flower at that point?
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