Very big buds in Africa

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by -, Jan 19, 2003.

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  1. They say everything is big in Texas, well some things is also big in Africa
  2. why does he only have 1 nut?

  3. you only have one nut?
  4. finally! someone else with my \'problem\'
  5. how the hell did yours wind up below mine, when i psted afterwards?
  6. holy shiot..

    thats a really good question.
  7. Who cares about the nuts if you have a tool like that.
  8. oh I get it.. the other one is behind his \'tool\'

    but why are they like split? o_O
  9. This is Africa man, anything possible, even split nuts, or even bannana splits here
  10. hmm..if i tripped on my dick..i would be a happy man.
  11. No more porn pics on this site. SJ\'s has spoken..

  12. not even in pandorahs box...?
  13. What happened to my cartoon, only a nudist, do you call this porn
  14. This has been discussed by the mods and Super Joint. He said NO porn. He says this is not a porn site..

    Padoras Box is for non marijuanna topics. It is not to be used for porn.
  15. of course its not a porn site, but thats not intended as porn, its only a funny picture that he wanted to share, and i myself thought it was funny.
  16. You\'ll have to take that up with SJ.. He said no naked pictures that show genitals. Girls or boys.

    The limit stops at bikinis, that have the gents covered!
  17. For the bud heads in this world
  18. Bugsy. You have seen the warnings. Next time you\'ll be banned!!
  19. For the Buds of this world.

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