Very beginner with limited budget need some help

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  1. hi everyone this wil b my first time growing and i need help on what to buy i am in the uk and have a budget of £100 to buy lights equipment and seeds so on. what should i get and where from any advice or help i would be very grateful for. :)

    fanks :smoking:
  2. first of all, are you growing indoor or outdoor? second, if its your first gorw and your on a budget, dont buy seeds, you can probably pick a few goods ones from what you have been smoking.
  3. indoor ill get sum pics up of the space im using if you want :smoke:
  4. 22-05-06_1725.jpg

    the dimensions are
    28 inches length
    20 inches width
    80 inches height

    so about

    2 foot 4 inches
    1 foot 8 inches
    6 foot 8 inches

  5. How many plants do you want, are you going to grow in soil or hydro?
  6. about 2 and potting soil :)

    would i only need a 250w hps build for 2 plants or a 400w and also is it alright to use a hps all the way throught th eplants life cycle from seedling to veging to flowering and harvesting
  7. 250 wat hps is good enough for two plant and yes u can use it from start to the end. But i would suggest u buy 400 watt hps b/c it will be very usefull in th future when u want to grow 5-8 plants. since 250 hps light fixture can't not be use to light 400 watt hps bulb, u might have to buy another fixtture to gorw more plant.
  8. could 400w light fixture light a 250w or will it jus pop?

  9. No, wont' work.
  10. so can anyone tell what website i can get some good lighting equipment prefreble takes visa electron debit lol dnt like payin any otehr way really fanx all. :hello: :)
  11. Most of us in the US won't know a good place to get equip for British electric current. I suggest searching for terms like "hps light". The one you show seems OK, don't know how that price compares to other options for you though.
  12. i was just wondering would 2 plants grow better under a 400w hps than 250w hps or would it just burn them???

    fanx for u help :)
  13. 250w is fine for 2 plants. I don't think the 400w would do better -- yes it puts out more light but also more heat so the light can't be as close. The 400w would require more height and/or more ventilation and also would cost 60% more to run.
  14. well finally a few questions
    how far should i keep my light away from my plants if am using a 250w hps?

    also if i get some bag seed to check if the seeds are still alive is it put them in sum water and the livin ones sink and the dead ones float is that right?

    and i also might a buy a few might try dr chronics but ive neva like done a money order before or sent cash is a money order different from sending cash i heard it was and safer or somthing and if so can anyone tell me how you do one?

    fanx all you all been great help :hello:
  15. I suggest you buy some seeds from a seedbank and not waste time to see whether or not any bagseed you encounter will sprout(2-7 days of waiting adds up if you think about it...I did when I tried to sprout green seeds a friend gave me -_-u). If you can, use a credit card. A lot of people are paranoid of doing this, but I figured since I'm only going to order seeds once, let's gamble. :smoking: Needless to say they process the order ASAP(no waiting until your money/money order gets shipped them). I got my seeds in 5 days from the moment I ordered.

    So far I've had 100% germ ratio, excluding the free DPxSK#1, and the plants are growing fine. Just order something for under £20. You'll most likely get an extra pack, so you paying £1 for seeds that are going to germ within 24hrs with a high success ratio and become the plant you want(you picked the strain). It's a win-win...unless you get caught. >_>

    Well, good luck. Start a journal or something when you get up and going.
  16. I ordered my seeds from Rhino seeds in the and had them in my hand within 48 hours of ordering via bank transfer.Good luck with your set up.You may wana think about CFL lighting if your space is quite small and only 1-2 plants to grow, very little heat out put on these babies and a dam site cheaper if on a budgetCheck out the site below
  17. fanx m8

    i got anuva question av bin runnin up an down the internet lookin for a answer but cnt find a straight one

    can i line my cupboard wiv tinfoil for reflectivity?? :confused:

    o ye also can anyone tell waht are good seeds that are good for growing indoors that aint expensive ta :)
  18. Easiest test is to hold your hand at the height of the top of the plants, with the back of your hand facing the light. If you can hold it there comfortably 30 seconds or so you are fine. With a 250w that probably will equal 8-12 inches.

    I've heard this before, never really tried it. I germinate seeds first and to me it's no big deal to just germinate all I might want to grow, that is the only test that counts.

    In the US you can buy a money order at just about any grocery store, post office, WalMart, convenience store, etc. There is some protection if a money order is lost or stolen, while if cash disappears you are SOL.
  19. You can use tinfoil (i belive the dull side) but if you can, use maylar or flat white paint.
    Go to and look for a strain you like . Usually it says if it grows better indoors or outdoors.

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