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    I am growing 3 AF short riders currently on week 8 in the middle of flowering. I have been using all purpose nutes( from walmart) with a high P number. 2 days ago my plant looked like this

    they are actually at my girlsfriend house and i was not able to make it over there yesterday but she did water them and she said they looked a little brown at the top but not dryed out and dead looking. she didnt bother to call me:confused:. today i went over there and saw them and wanted to cry



    im growing in a small pc case with cfl lights and this is my first grow. the day before we started noticing the difference
    s in the plant, i switched the plant from the side of the pc case just to the side of the light to the middle of the case directly un der the light. she was probably 4 inches away from the light which hasnt bothered my bag seed grow thats been right next to it in the middle during the last 6 weeks because she is roughly inch and half away from the light and the healthiest of them all. not really sure what i should do to the plant or if she will live. the actual bud itself is hard and burned at the top. any advice for a newbie would be great and thanks in advance!
  2. just get what ya can from it...lesson learned
  3. Is there a fan inside? I use a regular box fan and unless my plants are resting on the light bulbs they wont burn or dry out.

    and I agree with above poster, that looks dead. You could try topping it and hoping for the best with whats left or just keep growing it the way it is.

    Maybe the girlfriend is jelous of your girl on the side! ;)

    (what I would do is trim the dead off, the totally crispy burnt stuff and just let it grow as normal even though it would look odd)
  4. thank you all i gigured that was going to be what i heard. its a shame she was the best one i had going until the light got her. i do have a fan but its not very strong at all. i bought it off ebay because i was uncertain about other sites its built in to the side but like i said... not very strong and do i trim off the dead bud also or just th leaves?
  5. Id trim off anything dead, it could eventually mold or something like that. But if it looks okay to you and not hurting the plant you can just leave it alone. Id remove leaves for certain.
    But she may end up a frankenstein baby like mine did :) 5 months of neglect and abuse before I decided I was going to keep her, shes flowered twice (not to harvest, just no set light schedule so she sprouted hairs twice and tried to flower so I put her back into veg) and now shes near 4 foot tall and about the same wide, shes gonna be great!
  6. haha nice i think im going to trim the leaves and possibly the bud havent decided yet ill get a better look when i trim the leaves but ill tie her down because half themain cola all the way down to the bottom buds are fine so ill try give them more light in ordser make a little bit better yield cuz i think im screwed on the top cola haha ... first time grows can be harsh lol
  7. yea i burnt mine first time...not that bad but i feel your pain
  8. Why do people remove burned leaves? The good part of the leaf still carries out photosynthesis correct? Does cutting off a burned leaf make sure the nutrients store up in the leaf make sure they dont go back to the plant and burn it even more? Like positive ( negative in effect) feedback?
  9. In his case its not a nute burn where part of the leaf is dead, hes burnt the entire part to crispy goodness it looks like. The leaf cannot do anything with that and its just blocking light to parts that can absorb it.

    When its a partial leaf thats dead, you can just leave it or remove the dead part because yes, the part thats green or yellow is still doing some photosynthesis
  10. What about the nutrients stored in the leaf? Would it be adviceable to cut those dark or crisped leaves because the plant will eventually pull those nutes in anyways and possibly even burn more? (Like how the leaves yellow near the end of flowering to produce more bud, pulling stored nutrients from the leaves)
  11. I am not sure I understand but,

    the yellow part of the leaves does not harm the plant, the leaf is just yellowing because its not getting enough food or the plant is focusing its energy in different areas that get more light.

    If a leaf yellows and its defeciency is not corrected the plant will just keep pulling juice out of that leaf until its dead and falls off. Wont hurt the plant. I just remove if its blocking light to other healthy leaves.

    I may of still not answered your question, sorry :(
  12. Im referring to toxicity and how a plant yellows and crisps if it has too much nitrogen for example.
  13. When I have burnt a plant myself I always leave the affected leaves because from what I have found, even if you flush the medium there is still an abundance of nutes waiting to go somewhere and there best going to the half dead already affected leaves. Once you have got it under control take them off, and the next set up doesn't get the same burn. This only applies to over ferting through the soil.
  14. So you flush, then when its pretty much straight you get rid of the nutrient filled leaves to make sure the plant wont pull the nutes from the leaves? Sounds straight to me, sorry for thread jacking, figured it would help the OP as well.
  15. actually it did help i was kind of curious about that too. i figured since the leaves were actually dead it would be best to remove it. but if i bend it down so that the lower buds get light to grow bigger, should i still remove the leaves? i think im going to regardless because everytime i see her i get upset seeing those crisp dead leaves lol but thanks for all the help everyone!
  16. The nutrients in the leaves should not harm the plant. If its pulling nutes out of the leaves you dont have enough in your growing medium. The nutrients in your leaves going back to the plant doesnt harm the plant.

    Curious "still an abundance of nutes waiting to go somewhere and there best going to the half dead already affected leaves."

    Why would you waste plant energy and time growing on mostly or all dead leaves that are never going to be as productive as a non damaged leaf? I am just at a loss as to how the nutrients are best used on damaged areas of the plant. ive always been a fan of new and green growth since once an area is dead, you cant get it back.

    Dead leaves do nothing for your plant period. Except block light to other areas.

    Partially dead leaves partially photosynthesize and partially help growth.

    Fully live leaves photosynthesize and help the plant grow.

    I must be retarted, I dont get what you guys are saying. Toxicity of the leaves? there is none.
    If your plants pulling nutes from leaves, give her more nutes. There are no toxic chemicals in the leaves. If you put too many nutes in, it will kill off the plant because youve overloaded how much it can take and either shocked the plant or its just stagnant. Too little nutes does near the same thing because the plant eats itself trying to live.

    In the photos hes completly burnt the leaves, whats your figuring he should leave them on at all? They arnt half dead, they are burnt from heat dead.
  17. By toxicity I meant too much nutrients, not that it is "toxic", I wasn't clear if the plant still pulls nutrients from the leaves and the medium at the same time, making it worse, glad you cleared that up though. Im not talking about his leaves should stay on, I was speaking more in a general sense.
  18. welll guys my timer got fucked up and did not realize it so my plants were in complete darkness for about 20 hours... the leaves have gotten more moisture in them and not crisp the bud is the same... only thing is it does not smeell like it did b4... anyone know what this means? its kinda a weed smeell but some type other odor thats not all that great and the leaves and bud and everything is real soft and getting a little color back but very soft and wet feeling.. kinda confused.. any help would be appreciated!!
  19. Sometimes I smell my colas and it smells nasty, like earthy with a not so great earth smell mixed in, but when I rub my hands on the bud leaves it smells all fruity and loud. Probably just your soil.
  20. yea it does have a little bit of a earthier smell so hopefull that will be ok...what about the leaves? they are changing to a little bit more gfreen and really realllllyyy soft like wet paper and droopy..

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