Very awkward hangout with old friends.

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  1. So yesterday I got together with a bunch of buddies that I haven't seen in like a year and smoked some weed. It was cool at the beginning but while we were waiting for our dealer to meet up with us it was just a bunch of awkward silence and the occasional random statement from one of us trying to make conversation. idk, if it was just me. could have been just me tbh. They all go to school together and see each other on a daily basis so it might have just been me. Just really high and maybe overanalyzing all this but just wanted someone else's input on the situation. Not really lookin for anything negative just another perspective on the story, maybe a similar story I dooooont knowwwwwMight be different under different circumstances. We honestly didn't have anything to do. Just walked around the park and drove to jack in the box than went back to my buddies house and watched sports center. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  2. Id say it was just you, either way fuck it bit of awkward silence happens, i usually find it quite funny how awkward ppl get in silence and its fun to stare at them and laugh, in fact it usually stops the awkward silence

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  3.'s kinda sad when you have tight friends in school and then a few years later you meet up and it's just awkward and stuff.
    I avoid most people from school now, there are a few who are cool I see very rarely and we're not really friends, just know each other.
    you gotta move forward though. school can turn you into someone you're not, when you can finally get away from that it sucks if you meet up with people who expect you to be who you were and bring up all that old shit, i hate that more than anything actually.
    sorry OP, not really relevant to your thread, sounds like you just had nothing to talk about with your buddies. maybe in that time you've just been smoking weed and don't have anything to talk about haha
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    Why do people find awkward silences so scary?
    It's literally impossible and unrealistic to fill 100% of silence with conversation.  And frankly TC, your adventure with your old friends sounds like a good time - bud, food and TV. What more were you expecting? A gay orgy?
  5. i mean if you were all smoking
    you were all probably just too damn stoend to want to say anything man
  6. I hate how everyone thinks that silence is automatically awkward. Me and my friends can sit in silence and there's nothing awkward about it.Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum

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