Vertigo Monster Bub!! 44mm joint, 10-arm + circ, ice pinch

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    Check it. I got this piece around Christmas.

    Vertigo Monster bub
    44mm joint
    10-arm reinforced downstem
    circ downstem
    3 pinch slide with curved handle

    Vertigo kills it!:hello:

    Hits like a machine. I really like that you can get a completely different hit by changing the down-stem.

    Unfortunately i have to make room in my collection for other things, if your interested PM me. Paid 4 new. Selling for a loss for sure.
  2. Looks compact and functional. I love it. Reminds me of my old LW 10-arm just BETTER.

    Whats the cost?

    How tall is it??
  3. How much are you asking for it?

  4. Its similar, but wayyyy bigger than any luke bub (my 15 arm doc worked is pretty tiny in comparison)

    I paid 400 new. Well worth it with the extra downstem and the blasting. The slide on it is one of my favorite stock slides ever, next to toro and alex k pinches.

    The slide sits at a little over 17inches, and the mouthpiece is a little more than 22 inches high.:smoke:
  5. oh damn...

    Thats like a tube more than a bubbler...

    Still a sweet piece. I prefer something smaller.

  6. Im looking for 300 + fees

    No doubt, thats pretty much what it is, a tube with a big bubbler mouthpiece

    Nifty because you can chill on the couch, and hit it straight up and down without having to hunch over it. Its like the best of both worlds if you like bigger pieces every now and then.
  7. if you can put this on BM or FC.
  8. id scoop this up if i didnt just buy a TV lol

    sick piece bro sucks you are parting with it, i never would
  9. No BM yet. Just put in my $$ for the account since theyre now open again.

    Just put it up on FC though in the "Sell your vape or acc thread"
  10. looks are deceiving. That thing is taller than most bongs. Over 20 inches right?
  11. My friend that's a beautiful bubbler...maybe it's the intricate writing but the thing itself looks very fragile

  12. Vertigo uses good glass. I don't know what thickness it all is, but its pretty solid stuff.
  13. if i wasn't so poor right now - I would buy that in an instant.
  14. Yeah i beleive its 5mm and the mouthpiece is 3 or so. Very sturdy build for sure. the area where the mouthpiece connects is so thick! I can post detailed pictures if need be.

    Ill look at trades too (american glass only please)
  15. vertigo makes some sick shit...and op nice piece

    i am loving their new inline to showerheads...i though about getting one but i went with 2011bc and sg instead
  16. Agreed, I want one of those as well! would make a great oil piece.
  17. Any takers? I really need to make some room

    Tell you what

    $300 for the tube, shipping. and TWO free pillows, one for the piece and one for the extra downstem.

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