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  1. I'm expanding my rooms but still have limited floor space. I've got a lot of space on my walls and recently heard about vertical scrog. I guess now that I really think about it this will be my first real grow. I've got one grow done from seed to bud. Now I have some mothers. They are a 100% sativa strain with an 11 week harvest time. I'm ready to grow a lot of buds. Does this slow down the veg time? Anyone ever tried this technique?
  2. The horizontal scrog does increase veg time (imo) because of the
    LST time and training under the screen. I think the verticle scrog
    is faster because:

    Less stress on the plant
    better air circulation
    Better access to plants for care or treatments
    Better or more use of light surface
    More yield for the footprint (space)

    My next screen will be vert....
  3. Sorry it took so long to say thanks iclone. So thanks for the input. I 'm going vertical.
  4. I don't know about bigger grows, but my 2 plant scrogs veg for 5 weeks, then I switch to 12/12, and of course, they keep vegging for another couple of weeks, but under the flowering light cycle, that pretty much fills up my screen. So thats not too long a veg period. I guess if I had more space, then yes, you would be correct, because I would be trying to fill a larger screen. Just thinking out loud here as I type. Lol. So I guess I can't argue this point any longer. Peace. :smoke:
  5. Thanks BadAxe. That's the straight forward info I was looking for.
  6. If anyone else is interestd in vert scrogg you should check out 400watts. Really nice.
  7. u should show some pics when u have it up also start a growjournel ill subscribe:smoke:
  8. I will. I'm getting started on it this week. I don't need much.
  9. coo let me know when its up
  10. Alright. I did it. I'm out of the closet and going vertical. Advanced nutrients all the way. I can't really afford all the additives I'd like but I'm using the 3 part series with Bud Candy and I'll add more as I can. Big buds is the goal. I'll need more lights but I can only go a step at a time. I never planned to grow like this and definatley is way more expensive than I thought. I'm learning to DIY when I can even though I'm not that handy. You'll notice my extravagant light stand. I'm going to build some cool tubes and finish this grow flat. On the next grow. I'll stack 2 cool tubes vertically and grow in a circle. Any thoughts, ideas or sugestions are welcome.

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  11. I'm starting a vert scrog grow journal.
  12. Love it!!! Don't care if it not technical. It looks functional. That's all that matters. And it's gonna be an awesome grow!!! Keep us posted!!

    I think the idea for your next grow is even better. Keep the ideas flowing. Take lots of pics. Even if their dumb.
  13. Thanks. I'm not a technical kind of guy but I'm a firm believer in KISS . My first grow taught me patience and adaptability.

  14. Well it's workin. I'm gonna figure out how to subscribe
  15. By the way Tihspeed, your thread for beginers is awesome.
  16. Well thanks for the compliment but I actually have nothing to do with that thread. I refrenced it to so many people I finally asked permission to it's creator fornpermission to put it in my sig. I really love how comprehensive the thread really is. So all thanks should go to him

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