Vertical or Horizontal Lights????????????

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  1. Just joined and am interested as to weather a vertical light or a horizontal light would be better, seems quite obvious that a horizontal light gives a bigger light spread?? and i presume that vertical gives a more direct beam?

    In case anybody needs to know im using two grow tents, one for veg and one for flowering, and am using a 400w MH for veg and a 400W HPS for flowering.

    Which would be the best combination baring in mind that both of these tents are 120 x 120 x 200 so i plan to flower around 6-10 plants at a time??

    any help would be sweeto
  2. I'm glad i found this. I have a question to horizontal grow, i set up my lights and my friend who has been growing for a while said i need to re-do them because i did them horizontally. He said the most efficient way is having the bulb lay vertically and not straight down. I'm hoping he is wrong so i don't have to re-set-up my whole light system which i've converted from a 400w and two 175w from high duty construction lights.

    will this work?

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