vertical light mover?

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  1. does anyone know of a vertical light mover? i'm looking to preferably build a light mover that automatically elevates the light as the canopy temps increase later in the day. i figure this would allow for the light to be ridiculously close at lights on, increasing lumens reaching the plant. any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I cant really think of anything simple that would have the light at different heights through the day... The best bet for you would be to keep the light as close as you can without the temps getting too high around the plant... Just raise it as the plant grows. Rig up some pulleys and some rope, and build a bracket to hold your lights.
  3. thanx. i'm not limiting myself to the simple... i just figured there's gotta be some way to hook a servo to a thermostat and a motor... any ideas out there?
  4. you could always just better your ventilation situation and/or use a cooltube so that heat isn't as big of an issue. that way you can move the lights right up close to the plant.

    a light that moves with the temperature is an interesting idea tho. i'd buy one it it worked good.
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    we're using cool tubes,but with 6000w of light in a 10x12 room heat does tend to climb a bit towards the end of the 18 on. in flower it isn't so much an issue(we hope, we just added 2000w). when we get the cash we're uping our exhaust, still i think 6000w up close and personal to the canopy, even if only for the first hour or two, would be a great help, no? or is there some other reason than heat i should keep them away? i don't know the answer because i've never been in this much (potentially) control of my heat radiating from the lights.

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