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  1. hey all my seedling is growing nice but its only growing vertically idk what to do its getting to long to quick its going to start tipping ovr if i dont fix it:confused:
  2. A pic would help. And what are you trying to say? You're not making any sense.
  3. thats a full lenghth tooth pick

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  4. the tooth pick is a full tooth pick
  5. What kind of lights??? They need to be way closer...

    Is it soil? You can re plant and bury all of the stretch...
  6. no more foil
  7. Oh yeah...duh...Scratch the foil, any light under the leafs promotes stretch.
  8. I've about five inches of stretch to the first leafs.I had to stake some of the babies during the pre-veg till their stems thickened and they have!

    Get the lights closer and a light breeze happening....very important to have both!

    The foil is not needed unless your trying to prevent algae growth which happens often with rock wool for example!

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