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  1. I started in a closet divided into veg & flower areas. I completed 1 grow from seed to bud but it was way too small. I expanded from 9'x3'x8' diveded in 2, to aprox. 9'x11'x8'. This plant is started from seed. It's a 100% sativa strain called Waikiki Queen. It's zip tied to a plastic chicken wire fence which is attached to 6'x7', 3/4" PVC frame. 9'x3'x8' is now the mother and clone area. Lights, lights, light, I need more lights!!! Mother area= T5 HO(2'x4blb) + CFL. FLower area= 1 600 watt HPS vented hood. DWC with a drip line going to the net pot. I'm using Advanced Nutrients 3 part base with additives as I can afford them. Bud Candy and House & Garden-Root Excelutor so far. All comments welcome.

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  2. nice im subscribed!!!
  3. Right on! Thanks 400watts.
  4. little confused on what you are doing but i will watch.
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    Howdy, been gone for a while but look what I been doing. 3rd in wk Flower.
    Keep in mind the screen is 7'2"x6'3" and it is 95% full.I'm using AN nutes grow, micro, bloom-with a 1, 2, 3, ratio. I also use bud candy & green fuse bloom. This is a 5 gal. DWC and 2x600watt HPS. The cool tube you see in the last photo is 6' off the ground. Two lights is not enough for this monster so I'm moving the lights 4 times a day. Making good use of being unemployed. This baby is huge, healthy and loaded with another 8 weeks of flower to go.

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