Versus War on Drugs Debate

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by pearl75, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I watched it yesterday and they made some good points for Legalization, but I couldn't help but think that there could have been more responses to the anti-legalization bs. For instance "we have no idea what the world would look like if all drugs were legal" if the past 200,000 years of supposed human history someone was holding a bat over people's heads in case they took the wrong drug.
  2. That really bothered me, too. That one guy kept repeating that like it was really significant. Who gives a shit? In fact, we DO have examples of partial legalization that give us some idea of what legalization would look like. And I hated that they kept lying about the Portugal model saying that crime has gone up. Over all, yes, crime in Portugal has risen, but according to their stats, drug related crime went down. Why didn't anyone from the pro side bring that up? It was a good debate, but it was really frustrating to watch at times, and I don't think there was enough offered by the pro side. They weren't given as much face time, imo. I'll say this though, although I didn't care much for him before, I am a new Russell Brand fan. I loved it when that stuffed suit was talking down to Russell, and Russell tore into his ass. I was like :metal:
  3. If only our Country could have the intelligence to argue with one another in such a manner.

  4. Canada is making steps I hope, I know the Liberal party said they would legalize or try to legalize it, next time they get into power.
  5. Eh I'll pass. Doesn't seem like anyone significant is in it. Unless someone can correct me? Watched the first few minutes, wasn't impressed.

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