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Verrry thin hash oil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EastCoastStoner, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Bought some hash oil from a friend the other day. He said it would be shipped from a dispensary. Gave the kid 200 bucks and three days later he brought me a bottle if really liquid oil. The color is golden like cooking oil and about the same consistency. It kinda smells like resin. The thing is, the guy told me I would recieve 5-6 grams of oil. In the bottle he gave me is over a quarter pound. It does get me blazed off one or two hits but it just doesnt seem right. Anyone know what I'm smoking?
  2. 5-6 grams seems about right for 200 bucks, especially if it's golden. How do you know it's close to a QP?
  3. I weighed it after I got it. I'm concerned with how watery it is. Literally the consistency of olive oil. I froze it and it helped a little.
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    Did you weigh it inside the container? If it's the consistency you say it is, I don't really see how you can weigh it, unless you have another one of those containers that is empty (then you can weigh the container with the oil in it, and subtract the weight of the empty one). It sounds like you just put it on there with the container. That's gonna add a few grams on to it.

    Don't even worry about the consistency. Every hash comes out different. If you're having a hard time smoking it, just get a paper clip or something you can use to gather a bit of oil. Hold it over your bowl. Then, if the oil doesn't slide off the paperclip by itself, hold a flame under it so it heats up a little bit and slides off into your bowl. Thinner consistencies are harder to work with, but it happens sometimes, just something you gotta work with.
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    The scale I use has a tare setting. I placed cup on the scale, tared it to zero then poured my oil in the container. It weighed just under a quarter pound. Someone told me I may have to evaporate it more? A qp of oil for 200? You must see my reason to question this.
  6. Its Just Hash Oil Most Likely , If Its A Golden Color It Could Be Really Good Oil .
    Have You Compared The Oil To Cooking Oil ? Smell.. Etc ?

  7. Yes and it smells similar. But when you smoke it you definitely get blazed
  8. Take some pictures man, that's the only way anyone can tell you for sure.
  9. New to gc sonim still figuring out how to do everything. Took some pics with my phone. I'll post once I figure out how to ha
  10. [quote name='"EastCoastStoner"']New to gc sonim still figuring out how to do everything. Took some pics with my phone. I'll post once I figure out how to ha[/quote]


    Here we go
  11. that really weighs >100 grams??
  12. hmmmm...............................

    If it is a qp, dont fucking question, Thank Shiva!

    edit: idk to much about oil but isnt that a little on the "Lighter side"
  13. That stuff looks a bit off, might be the camera or shot idk. Any other pics?
  14. I have four shot glasses in total of the stufff.
  15. They cut the oil for some reason, maybe to spread on buds and evaporate, but regardless it's the same as 5-6 grams (guessing he's telling you the truth, here). You could either leave it be and see if the solvent evaporates at room temp or you could determine it's identity and purge it out of the solution, fractionally or chemically.
  16. Okay I want to make it clear that I'm not a rookie. I consider myself a veteran in the field of smoking. Living on the east coast, I don't really have access to concentrates. Could you explain how I could determine the identity and purge it? Sounds like a chemistry experiment.
  17. lol again dont front your money wouldnt have to be worried if you didnt cause you wouldnt of had to buy it.
  18. There is such a thing as blonde hash, my dad used to get it back in the day and I've seen it recently... perhaps there is a type of blonde hash oil? Not sure, but if it gets you $200 worth of high in your opinion I wouldn't worry too much about it (unless you're getting sick from it or something).
  19. Ya I didn't want to call you a dumbass but the number one rule is NEVER FRONT $$$$$ unless its someone you absolutely,without a doubt,trust with your life, ...and even then you should still think twice....sorry man but hash oil shouldn't look like cooking sir just learned a $200 lesson
  20. Okay man don't be an ignorant fuck. I'm asking for information. If I want to I can sell this oil to friends and people around me for 40 a g an make over 4 grand so no I didn't learn any lesson. If you dont have something helpful or intelligent today go talk your shit on the rookie forum.

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