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  1. I've heard that Vermont recently passed a new medical law that allows for the opening of dispenseries.

    I'm wondering if this means that the criteria to get a med card is being lowered as well. Cause I've had serious migraine headaches since I was a little kid, but since I started burning they've gone away. I know Vermont used to have medical but you needed some life-threatening illness to get a card.
  2. No change to the criteria as far as I know. Unfortunately for a progressive state which has embraced single payer health care, Vermont is behind the times on mmj, decriminalization and legalization efforts.

    The most frustrating part of the whole decrim efforts in the state is that it is being held up by one man, the Speaker of the House, Shap Smith. If brought up it would pass and Gov. Shumlin would sign it into law, but back in April Smith decided he wouldn't let it move through the legislative process because he was concerned about what message it would send to kids.

    He has stated that he is open to reconsidering his position and will think about it over the summer, so if you can take a politician at his word, engage in the political process and help educate reluctant legislators like Smith. I think he may be sincere since he did allow the state to move forward on the creation of several dispensaries.

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