Vermifire nute burn

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  1. I had 4 autos in vermifire that are top dressed with promix to start the seeds. I experienced some serious nutriet burn about 3 weeks in. Just transplanted into ffof 40percent/ promix 60percent. Do you think it will help?
  2. 25% addition of perlite will ease you anxierty

    maybe make you smile

    it improves drainage

    aids compaction and the forth coming nute burn

    consider organics next grow

    good luck
  3. I normally run all roots organic products. Green Field soil and nutes and everything is beautiful. This was just an experiment with pre nutrianted soil. I wish a I would have just kept it the normal way at this point. The perlite sounds like a great thought.

  4. Here are some pics of affected plants and entire garden, do they look like they will suffer much? Did I fuck up bad or just a little? Will they recover?

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  6. More pics

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  7. Ages: row 1 - day 38 from seed
    Row 2 - day 22 from seed
    Row 3 - day 18 from seed
    Row 4 - day 7 from seed
  8. I think some leaves will die off but she should be fine if you give her just water for a while me I just use fish tank water and organic nutes. Somebody else would know more than me I am only new at this only been growing for 3 years

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  9. Yep! I use those 15liter tomato bags too

    water only for the next 2 weeks

    will give the plant a chance to catch up on your feed

    from now on

    use only half as much nute


    good luck
  10. It's prenutriented soil. Not me feeding it.
  11. in that case I'd avoid
  12. LMFAO I'm going to after this but for now I gotta save my girls. Very helpful tho.

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