Vermiculite ratio?

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  1. So today is the day of my big 2 plant repot that I'm nervous about lol. I have some Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil and I also bought some Vermiculite. I read that mixing the Vermiculite with soil is better for the plants. But I can't seem to find the ratio I should use. I read that a good ratio for perlite is 30% perline 70% soil, would that same ratio work with vermiculite?
  2. With Fox Farms Ocean Forest you really want to add in some perlite at 1 part to 4 parts soil. Vermiculite can be added also but it helps soil retain water as perlite helps more with drainage and soil aeration.
  3. The thing is the only perlite I can buy is miracle grow and its got nutes in it. So I could only buy vermiculite.
  4. Its just that they do two different things. I use FFOF (4parts) and mix with perlite (1 part) and soil drains great. FFOF has some perlite in it but not much, which I like cause rather pay for soil and mix in my own perlite which is cheap. I wouldn't mix in more than 1/2 part vermiculite if your not going to put any perlite in.
  5. less than 1/2 part... does that mean less than a 50/50 blend of vermiculite ans soil? That sounds like alot.
  6. sorry... no mean 4 parts soil... to 1/2 part vermiculite
  7. Sorry to bump an old thread but...

    Isn't 4 parts soil and 1/2 part vermiculite equal to 8 part soil and 1 part vermiculite? :)
  8. yes, 1/2 part to four is the same as 1 to eight...

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