vermiculite or perlite

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  1. or both? just trying to see what everyone does so i can get a general idea, sorry I have a couple posts but i work 12hours daily so its hard to find time :(
  2. Go with perlite, it is inert whereas vermiculite could impact your pH.
  3. How does it affect PH?

    Also, vermiculite or perlite as it relates to what? Vermiculite retains moisture, perlite improves drainage..
  4. Both perlite and vermiculite retain moisture, improve drainage, and prevent soil compacting. Vermiculite can contain elements and/or interact with elements in your soil to alter your pH, usually towards alkaline (raising your pH). Perlite is basically a form of glass so is completely inert and does not chemically interact with your soil Some sources for info:

    Vermiculite vs. Perlite |


    Horticultural Perlite and Vermiculite at Home Harvest® Garden Supply
  5. Thats good news, now I know the vermiculite should even out the acidity of the rainwater I'll give my girls this upcoming season.
  6. ouch i maybe should have googled a little b4 bugging you guys :( very helpful tho all and all thanks a bunch. :)

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