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  1. Hey G.C. I got a couple of questions if you don't mind trying to answer I'm not sure if this is the best place to post them but my questions pertain to vermicomposting just read up on it and I am wondering if any one knows anything about it and if the soil from vermicomposting is any good to grow that sticky icky that we all love and if the water/tea from it is good enough to use for hydroponic nutrients because hydro is some expensive shit and if you can use this how come everyone aint using it thanks guys hope you can help and answer my questions A.S.A.P
  2. ive never thought of it, as its coming from soil and you are thinking of putting it through a hydro system would pH not be a factor?
  3. well I'm not sure about the PH level of the soil or the water - tea i think they call it but if its organic and comes from organic materials the PH should be fairly on point at least i would think so I'm just starting to learn about vermicomposting and yes i would like to try this with hydroponics there is a video on youtube where a guy uses it but im not sure if it is suitable for our plans but the video is called [ame=""]Hydroponic recirculating solar powered system [/ame]
    Great instructional video for solar hydroponics but like i said ph for our kind of grow is difficult to say hopefully some others out there that check out this post know something and can offer insights concerns and comments

  4. come one G.C. 15 views and only 1 comment help me out and do some research with me to see if this is possible
  5. If you did any research at all, you would find your answer in less than a minute.
    There is absolutely nothing organic about Hydroponics (not saying thats bad) but you should stick with one or the other. You could probably get away with it in some form, just as you could get away with using some chemical nutes in an organic grow, but WHY? You defeat the purpose of each type of grow.
    Worm castings amend soil with microbes and trace minerals/organic matter. Hydro nutes will kill off those benefits and organic matter will probably kill your expensive pumps and whatnot.
    IMO one or the other is your best bet.

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