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  1. I am about to order Earth Worm Castings from Amazon and my question I ordering actual WORMS or is it, what I thought it was, worm poop?

  2. No worms. It's just like really dark soil. It doesn't smell or anything. The taste isn't too bad either.
  3. Another question on this topic.  Why do I need to asseble these ingredients weeks in advance?  From what I have read, the formula requires a few weeks for the ingredients to break down so they can be useable to the plants.  Why?
  4. Any type of organic matter, whether it be leaves from a tree, a fish or the "soil amendments" that we add into our soil mixes are solid matter - they are not instantly soluble in water like bottled fertilizers are. Every different organic item contains different elements and organic compounds but in order for them to be available for plants to utilize them as food to grow with, they must first break down into their most basic elemental forms - beyond microscopic.

    This takes time. We rely on an assortment of different bacteria and fungus, commonly referred to as microbes to do this job. This is why you will see gardeners advising newer organic gardeners to find and use the very best compost and vermicompost (which is worm excrement) because the good stuff, the higher quality stuff will contain higher amounts of soil microbes. This breaking down, or composting of organic matter is referred to as "Nutrient Cycling".

    If you were to mix up a fresh batch of soil which contained dry organic fertilizers such as kelp, alfalfa, chicken manure - whatever - and planted immediately into it you may not have sufficient nutrition for your plants to thrive on simply because your fertilizers haven't had an opportunity to break down yet, you run a risk of burning your plants and also run a risk of unstable soil pH because the soil hasn't had a chance to buffer any acidic/base items that are in your soil yet.

    What this comes down to is to simply plan ahead. Make up more soil than you need and always plan ahead for the next round. A well cycled (broken down) soil can work wonders - a fresh mixed soil has the potential to give you issues.



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