Vermicomposting (Make your own Worm Castings)

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  1. ok ive made my bin everythings great except......flys! its a fucking madhouse i have the bin in my garage and i have an entire bowl of apple cidar vinegar but there are just so many.
  2. Whoa maybe move that sucker outside....they do well outside in the summer.
  3. so you just break the castings up and use it as soil?
  4. How do you know when they are finished and you have nothing but castings? Like how do you know when to move the stuff to one side? Also we eat alot of corn, things corn cobs would be a little much for them to decompose?
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    I have worm castings available in Michigan. IF ANYONE IN THE AREA NEEDS THEM. Just let me know.
  6. any guess if a local bait shop would have either type? are there any other names for these types (slang)? i'm in the midwest and i havent seen any technical names on worms in the bait shops.
  7. Red wigglers for the smaller manure worms but you'll have trouble finding African Nightcrawlers at a bait shop.
  8. Why not just get started now? I harvest my bin every 90 days or so, by next year you could have all the castings you need.
  9. thanks OP i'll have to get mine started
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    Just found this thread, I know its a bit old but thank you for the info. My dad let me know about a large worm farm near him, and is where he's been going to get his castings etc for awhile. Turns out tho, that the old man who runs the farm loves to share his knowledge of vermicomposting. I'm still completely newb to all this, but here's a link from his website that I found really helpful, it also has a simple DIY wormbin halfway down the page... Hope someone finds use for this (sorry if someone has provided this link elsewhere.)'s.pdf

    He also carries everything you'd need to get started...for those of you who are unable to find the right type of worm. Looks like on my next trip up north I gotta stop by the worm farm!
  11. I have been blessed with about ninety years worth of pristine worm castings on about ten acres of woodland. This spot is special because of the bedrock close to the surface which creates a carpet of grass roots and 100% worm castings. I call it my worm sod and finding it was like finding a gold mine. My odg was the best ever producing a deep oily rainbow colored plants with my most colorful buds to date. Support the war on dirty chem bud but respect the chemdawg :smoke:
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  12. Good morning OldPork! :)
    I was wondering if you have any suggestions on keeping a bin warm? It usually isn't a problem. We hardly ever freeze but it got down to 55 and they were huddled up at the top of the bin. I was thinking a blanket or a brooder lamp. Do you see any problems with these?
  13. Vermicompos at my local grow shop are 1kg around 2.00usd. Its cheap,since the company making it are base here in my town.
    I didn't understand much how to used it but i mix it with soil,coco is it ok?
    can i grow with just only with vermicompos? or i should mix it with coco or what?
    i have no guide here,no one to ask around for info about how to grow canna organicly,just asking online. Now i just grow it in soil mix with coco coir,a bit vermicompos.
  14. Hey oldpork.
    thanks for the info on vermicomposting. i am really looking into using this for furture grows.

    After reading through I have one question.

    without using a ton of fruit,veggies, ect. can a worm bin thrive off of outside leaves and other non-food products ? I am a college student living on my own with limited food scraps . Is this still feasable ????
  15. get coffe grounds for free from a coffe shop .Get some free horse shit from a horse hovel. They like it.
  16. holy crap my dad threw a bunch of leaves, decompose wood, and i would always dump my charcoal (from my fish tank) on my dad tree pot (30 gallon pot) and now i i accidently have worm casting for free ahha, shitloads of it too.
  17. Hi all,

    I have a newb question, this is my first indoor "dirt" grow. I have been worm composting for a little while and finally collected some casting last night. I compost whatever I eat including fruit which creates a fair number of fruit flies. (So far, the fruit flies do not seem to be affecting my plants, if anyone has any information on how fruit flies interact with MJ please let me know). After collecting my castings last night through a 1/4" mesh screening process, I noticed quite a few fruit flies in the mix. I set the bucket outside on the porch last night ( a low of 3 C) which knocked down the fruit flies, this morning I then top dressed some of my girls. When I came back to check on them later in the day I noticed a bunch of what appear to be tiny little reddish colored spiders. They look a little bigger than a mite and not as bright red as some mites I have seen. Finally, my question, did I just totally infest my grow with mites? Any chance that what I just introduced to my girls is going to be beneficial and good for them, some spider that kills mites and bad bugs?

    Peace to all,
    Bonzai Billy
  18. I have a stacked system, and LOVE it. The brand I have is the Worm Farm. Previously, I used a Rubbermaid tub. It was too much work to keep the moisture level correct, and then to harvest. We compost fruits and veggies (mostly organic), coffee, tea, egg cartons, cardboard, unbleached paper, cotton dryer lint.

    I bought worms at a bait shop, and waited for them to reproduce to fill all four trays. If the system is big enough and conditions are decent, they'll double their numbers about every two months.

    If anyone is looking to try it, I recommend for information and ideas.
  19. hey gang, recently ive found it too be a pain in the ass to harvest castings. picking through them by hand or just feeding on one side seems to be a bitch. i saw this vid on youtube figured itd be a decent post in this thread, peace:[ame=]YouTube - Worm Castings & Compost Harvesters[/ame]
  20. That's part of the reason I got the stacked unit. It can be a pain to sort worms out of a tub. I just bought some 1/4 screen that I'm going to use to help sort out any left over bits of bedding when I'm cleaning out my bin.

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