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  1. Surely this will sound extremely paranoid, but I'm curious. I use an LG phone with Verizon service.
    My friend insists on communicating through text messages, which I've never really used before. I'm by no means a phone jocky, In fact I didn't even buy this phone, my parents bought it to keep in contact with me while I'm at college. In the three years that I've had it, I've rarely sent text messages, but I had to in the last few days using language that's not entirely inconspicuous: i.e. - my buddy was trying to hook me up. Obviously he feels comfortable with it (perhaps because he pays the bill) but in retrospect I don't think it's such a great idea.
    My question is, does Verizon keep a transcript of text messages and do they provide a copy of it with the bill? My parents pay the bill, so I will never see it. I'm curious if they're going to get a form in the mail with a nice list of incriminating messages. I doubted it, but I felt compelled to ask anyways.
  2. im sorry to have to say this. but yes your parents should have access to your text messages. or atleast the person paying the bill. now that doesnt mean they are gonna go out of their way to look at them.

    but i could be completely wrong on all of this
  3. and yes, every cell phone service provider keeps transcripts of text messeges, although your drug transactions are probably just a drop in the bucket and wont get noticed unless your parents are suspicious

    you can request to see a history of your messeges, and theyll give you a transcript. fact.
  4. I would venture to guess that each carrier has it's own policy concerning text messages. I know I have heard things about this recently but I can't recall what was said.
  5. yeah, i think that whoever pays the bill can request a transcript of all the text messages from a certain phone, but i'm not entirely sure...they're not about to be sent with the bill to your parents in the mail though, so i don't think you have anything to worry about.
  6. Dude fuck parents reading your texts, thats how I got caught like 3 years ago for the first time. Had a zip, 3 bottles of robo, a crowbar, blunts, gram of high quality boomers, and a baggie that had residue from some blow. Had it all in the most amazing hiding spot ever, like, one time I told my mom to literally take everything out of my room when she suspected I was doing drugs, and she did. She took ever last bit of furniture, EVERYTHING out of my room, and still didn't find it. I sent my friend a text telling him about this bomb ass spot I had, to see if he had one like it and BOOM, two days later, grounded for 3 fucking months.
  7. shiiit thats not good. but thank god my mom wouldnt know to do that.
  8. Ahaha, BURN! We're was this bomb ass hiding spot??
  9. Your parents will find out eventually. Why delay the inevitable?

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