Verizon Wireless: New Cellfone choices

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  1. Ive always been a BlackBerry user.
    i will be upgrading my cellfone in the next 2 weeks, BlackBerry announced their new generation and just seem outdated to me.

    I want to get an Android

    So which would you say is the best one they have right now and why?

    basically trying to decide on which one i will get...
    Money is no issue

    Help is appreciated
  2. Right now the Thunderbolt is the alpha dog of Verizon's Android lineup.
  3. i went from blackberry to the thunderbolt a couple months ago.. it's fucking killer!

    fast as hell.. lotsa free apps, etc..
  4. It depends, do you live in a 4G zone? Even so, do you want 4G?

    My dad and I both had to upgrade our phones earlier this year. He got a thunderbolt while I waited a few weeks to get the incredible 2. He wanted 4G, so it was a no-brainer. It was (and still is) my suggested 4G phone. But that does not mean it is the best verizon phone, in fact I feel that is far from it. The incredible 2 is similar to the thunderbolt, with a slightly smaller screen and no 4G, and is significantly thinner. As a result, it is a bit easier to carry all day. The rest of the internals are the same, but the software is slightly different. The incredible has newer applications and widgets by htc that the thunderbolt doesn't have.

    Since I go to college out of a 4G zone where I will spend a majority of my life, then getting a bulkier, heavier, weaker batteried phone is a very bad decision. It is not worth the speed boost when I am home, as I have high speed internet in mt house.
  5. does the thunderbolt run sense? widgets just slow your battery life down anyway.

    i personally say fuck verizon and get a prepaid phone (even if they own the prepaid phone companies). and get a "dumbphone" i'm sick of getting raped by a bunch of pussies that hide behind a fucking answering machine, or an envelope with a bill demanding money.
  6. You often get what you pay for. The OP seems to specifically want a smartphone, not just a phone.

  7. i noticed, it looks very good im basically between the thunderbolt and droid 3 although i heard the droid bionic!!!

    i cant wait to upgrade

    like OSG said i need a smart fone and i depend on reliability for communication...verizon simply works the best...yes it has a higher price point than its competitors but in my case its deff worth the benefits and needs it fulfills.
  8. There are so many phones coming out. I would wait for the galaxy s 2 coning out this month, which may or may not have 4g
  9. If it's not jailbroken iPhone 4, you're doing it wrong.
  10. htc evo 3d

    I have a nexus s and really like it
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    Yeah neither are on verizon
  12. :bolt:

  13. yea this and the bionic is what im waiting on or the droid 3 altho im sure both of those will murder the droid 3
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    Droid 3 really isn't bad at all, plus it's the only Verizon phone with a keyboard.

    I really don't care about 4g because it'll likely never be in my area
  15. i think its pretty obvious that the thunderbolt is the phone to get. i dont think there are any new webos phones. which is the only competition for android.

    to tell you the truth. android isnt as great as i thought it was. i played with a droid 2 the whole summer. its basically open source, but its missing a bunch of shit that it should have. it doesnt have an instalous type app, and its a pain in the ass to add new apps to it.

    before i got to play with one, i thought android was the end all be all. now i actually admit that the iphone could be as good
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    The Verizon roadmap for 2011 was leak, and the thunderbolt and revolution are being replaced very soon. So no, they aren't the best phones.

    There's better phones on Verizon already, so idk you came up with the thunderbolt being best
  17. oh shit. your probably right. i thought we were still in the beginning of the year until i looked at my calendar down there :smoking:
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    Haha I have the Thunderbolt. The bionic will suck. Just as the Sammy and lg on Verizon do. OP go with HTC.. Won't regret it.

  19. Really, i was leaning towards the bionic...why do you say it will suck? just curious and hey you might save my ass
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    I'm not going to lie. I follow the android community heavily. Everybody that has tested the bionic says it's overrated trash. Battery life is horrible. Worse than thunderbolt. It's had like 5 hardware revisions. If I were you I would just wait as some really nice phones are coming out soon and the bionic sounds like a bust...

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