Verbally Irretrieveable Thoughts

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Pink Floyd, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. You know how you have thoughts that make complete sense in your head, yet the thoughts contain no verbal or lingual counterpart at all? Like when you have an amazing, mindblowing dream yet when you try to explain it, you can't, and if you do try you know that your explanation will bring no understanding to outsiders as to what the dream actually was or felt like.

    So what if everyone could harvest their thoughts into feasable, understandable words? Would we be at a whole different level in technological advancement? Just something to think about.
  2. This happens to me quite a bit. It makes complete sense in my head but when I put it into actual words it makes no sense. When I try to explain things to some friends I have to give up sometimes cause I realize I sound retarded.
  3. I usually am pretty good at communicating ideas in my head aloud, however most of the time, I dont end up saying them because I forget. :smoke:
  4. Anyone else?
  5. if you don't have the words, there is nothing to say. It happens to me all the time too, I just think that sometimes our brains "feel" meaning in search of meaning. But I haven't yet met a person who could give a satisfying explanation as to how a person could "know" something and yet not have the words. it just doesn't make any sense.

  6. Exactly
  7. It happened to me.
    Words are just an imperfect mean of communicating ideas.
  8. Telepathy brings what you're feeling/picturing/imagining in your head and sends it completely in its raw form to another.

    It was the main way of communicating in Atlantis. Some people claim to still be able to do it. Hopefully, in 2012 the spritual awakening will cause people to once again see auras and communicate telepathically :D
  9. This this this! YES! Theres one problem... some times some weird shit goes through my head... lol

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