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  1. Anyone use this to encrypt their system files?
    How do you like it? Should I bother?
  2. I think I'll just upgrade Windows and use BitLocker.
    Simpler that way.
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    I've used it to encrypt files at work but never an entire drive. It is a good program that I even recall seeing listed when I took ethical hacking. I use BitLocker currently, just in case a PC or laptop is stolen. I would use VeraCrypt if I wanted to encrypt a drive and BitLocker wasn't available. I would go with Bitlocker with TPM if your computer is new enough and supports it with the appropriate chip.
  4. I use LUKS and dm-crypt

  5. Well good for you. I'm not trying to keep out the NSA or anything.
    As if you can. I just want to keep hackers away from my data.

    Any folders I want to keep really secret, like the folder I store
    my passwords in, I protect using 2048 bit encryption.
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  6. "In" seems to be a rather short and simple passymawordmajiggerdooything...
  7. Veracrypt is useful only if you are looking to encrypt a /home partition or even just a subfolder of a linux based hard drive. Bitlocker is better on Windows.

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