Venting with pc fans

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  1. I have a 2' metal cube cabinet with 4 120 mm pc fans exhausting the air. Now I am thinking of install a bare bulb 175w mh/ 150w hps for each cycle. Will also use a remote digital ballast placed outside the box. Each fan is rated for 44 cfms each. Is this enough to keep the temps close the room temperature or will the light cause too much heat. The cube will be closed
  2. the light will cause too much heat
  3. Use a 1500MA (milla amp) Phone charging unit to power all 4. (Just one for all 4) For that cabinet size you would exchange all the air like.. 29 times in a minute? I had a much larger cab and used only 2. Heat was an issue. But as small as you are going to go, should be ok!
  4. How big was your cab and did you use a intake fan as well

  5. The cab was 6' tall and about 2 1/2 feet wide.. So I think, you are going to be alright. The phone charger works best and dont use electrical tape.. Use butt caps or splice's
  6. I think I have narrowed down my option for venting this box. They have a 250mm pc fan out that 800 rpm and107 cfms. Now since I have the 4 other pc fans exhausting air out by the side. I'm going to cut the top of the box where the bulb is going and mount that 250mm fan right above it. Hopefully it will pull majority of the heat out the box. Now do I really need a reflector since the inside will be covered with mylar?
  7. reflector will add heat

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