Venting to outside.

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  1. So I'm coming into my first summer in my basement and well the house is keeping to its root... Can't heat in winter and hot AF in summer. My basement was in the 90's last night while it's was 71 in the house/ outside.

    I'm running overnight as to idolize cooling. But it's just a pit of heat. But I do have a below grade window down there. So my question is how would I go about hooking up an exhaust vent and a intake into the window? I'm thinking ply wood with a couple holes one 8" for exhaust and a 6" intake for when it cools off during the night.

    I guess all I would need is a screen for the exhaust and intake plus a filter on the intake.

    any do's and don'ts with venting outside?
  2. Okay I think k I have everything good.

    My plans are to have a 4x4, 3x3, and a 4x8 all on one 8" exhaust main the 4x4 and 3x3 are veg and the 4x8 flower the 4x4 will have a 4" vent 3x3 having a 6" and the 4x8 a 8".

    Now I just have a problem thinking about keeping the exhaust air and intake air seperate since I'm going to be terminating my vent in a below grade window. I thought about having venting into the bottom and one raised out of the hole for fresh air. But 8-6" shiny vent is a little obvious looking. I guess I will buy a shrub to put infront of the window
  3. Does anybody know where I could get double sided flanges for my a tent?

    I figured I could use 2 flange kits if need be but would like a all in one solution.

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