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  1. hey,

    so i am going to get an 8 inch inline fan and 8 inch flange euro hood, and just run my venting through my light instead of the whole grow room....pretty sure this is pretty standard...."why cool down your whole grow room when you can cool down the thing that makes it hot"...and then i was going to have a passive intake/outtake for my girls with maybe some circulation fans in the room. Also i wanted to have co2 going. so here are my questions

    1. does this sound like a legit set up, or am i missing something with the science.
    2. if i have co2 going what do i do to cover my passive vents so that it all doesnt get out? or what advice do you have as far as set ups for venting while using co2

    idk if it helps but im in a 5.25 x 7.33 x 7.66 closet
  2. Hey ten, I just picked up a bunch of gear and am starting a rebuild today.So my plan is to use my current room just re plastic it and seal it up a bit better then set it up like this. The grow room is a 2x4 and plastic framed shelter standing free in the middle of a room in my house. So I am going to suck air through a big can150 carbon filter from the outer room with an 8 inch vortex inline fan through cooltubes over the lights(3x1000w lumatek) and outside, creating negative pressure all around the grow room and killing any escaped odors. Put the co2 burner in the inner room with a digital controller. If the temps in the inner room get to high I am installing a can 100 carbon filter powered by a 6 inch vortex inline fan on a thermostat at the highest point in the room with 2 passive vents 3/4 of the way to the top of the room to bring air in when the 6 incher kicks on. Co2 drops and heat rises so in theory this very sound. I think it is probably gonna kick some serious ass myself. I will have 180 plants in square 2 gallon pots on a stadium shelf setup with the lights tucked in really close, I wanna do a post of it all starting with the build.
  3. A separate ventilation system for the light (air-cooled hood) is a good idea for managing temps, however the plants need ventilation for other reasons. Don't set up your grow with your only ventilation going through the lights in a closed-off system, you'll need additional ventilation (albeit less air volume) for the plants as well.
  4. i use a cool tube 400w hps/mh. i have a carbon filter on one end, and i suck air thru the filter and thru the light tube and then it gets exhausted out of my ridgevent in the attic. that takes care of cooling the light and exhausting the tent at the same time. of course i still run a passive air intake and circulation fan. the temps stay purrrrfect.;) and the ladies love the constant supply of fresh airs. make sure your exhaust fans are enough to beat the intake. or you will have all sorts of backing up issues.
  5. thanks for the help guys, what about the co2 escaping through the passive vents how would i combat that?

    and toasty, is a passive system all you need for your girls if oyu got co2 going and your light is being cooled by another vent system.
  6. in that case i would run my intake as a fan. i would put it on a timer and shut the intake off when the c02 is emitted. do you have a C02 regimen in mind?

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