Venting problems (closet tent set up)

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  1. Hey guys, (Keep in mind this is my first grow set up)

    I need serious help with my ventilation in the closet I'm thinking of putting a hole that leads to The attic for the exhaust which is going to have a Phresh Filter 200 cfm and a Vortex vtx400 fan pushing the air out the tent. The addict is the only place I can think of to exhaust.

    I also have a problem with where I'm going to get fresh air the only place I can get fresh air is from my room some how. I would greatly appreciate some help from you skilled and experienced growers out there. Always trying to learn and improve.

    Here are some items and measurements....

    -Gorilla grow tent (2ft x 4ft x 6 1/2ft)

    -My Closet (5 1/2ft x 27in x 8ft)

    -Kind LED k3 L600

    -Vortex vtx 400 fan

    -Phresh Filter 4in x 12

  2. Yeah I vent my air into the attic to, and it works very well. Always use enough a bit extra length in your ducting, because not using enough cause it to become stretched and this can cause rips.

    Also try keep the ducting exit up of the floor in your attic. I heard of a guy whos stale warm and moist air caused a massive mold problem in his attic. But he was using a far bigger set up than yours. But try keep ducting exit up in the air, so it gives the air a chance to disperse more easily, as opposed to constantly blowing directly at the one spot.

    Air will come in under the gap of your door in your wardrobe, and into the tents vents. Are you planning on keeping all the vents open yeah? You could sand the doors down to create a bigger gap, or add intake ducting. You could also add an intake fan with ducting and a vent.

    I just leave my window open in my room where my tent is, unless its very cold out. Even with the window closed air will pull in from the rest your house into the room, unless your doors quite air tight. I also leave my two vents open and I have a 6 inch ducting without a fan for more air to get pulled in. An intake fan isn't always necessary. ,My set up works no problem doing this.
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  3. Thanks for responding it really helps. Ok I feel better about the attic now.
    The intake mesh screen is blocked off by the back wall and it's the only screen intake. The other option is a piece of duct coming from the right side inlet near the bottom, I guess I would have to get a mesh screen for it too ?

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  4. Ye go with the mesh just to stop any insects from getting in. No worries man, good luck with the grow
  5. Thanks a lot man seriously

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  6. Hows the grow going
  7. Hey man pretty good so far! I'll snap some pics when I get back home today and show you. I actually have to get a bigger intake solution bc the tent has way to much negative suction.

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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. So far looking good man, keep it up and stay keep a close eye on things. Also keeping notes will really help you improve your growing skills.

    What are your temps and humidity levels like?? It could be possible to use a fan speed controller to use the fan at say 60%-70% speed. More air intake could be needed tho, anyway you could add a vent to bring more air into closet? Also do you leave all of the tents mesh vents open?? I have both of mine open and two 6 inch ducting pulling in air also.
  10. See the one vent flap is in the back of the tent and there is no way of getting to it because it's completely flush against the wall. And I tried moving the tent so it's directly in the middle of the closet but doing this only gives me about 3 inch on both sides. I mean I don't know if that's enough for air to get in both sides. I made a 10 inch round duct with a filter in place of the old 6 inch elbow I had. It did help a little bit but not as much as I'd like it to be at least.

    Don't worry I keep a journal of every thing I do even if I adjust something I write it down

    The temps stay between 78 and 83 but I struggle with humidity. It's seems to want to stay around the 30s. Iv been trying to spray the plants with ro water like a light misting with the spray bottle but it never really changes. I lowered the fan speed it was cranked up a little high. See what happens I guess

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