Venting/Odor Control...Please Suggest

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chris94530, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. ok, here is the setup that I am currently building...
    it's going to be a SOG stealth box that is roughly 2x3x3 ft...I am planning to put about 5 plants (what would be an optimal number of plants??)....I have a 150 watt HPS Kit for lighting and I have to determine what method of ventilation/odor control to use...

    The seeds that I have ordered are feminized Northern Lights

    I know the obvious - holes in bottom of the box and fan at the top, but is it easy to throw a carbon filter into the mix with a regular 60, 80 or 100mm computer fan? Ideally I would like to have just one vent in the top with a fan/carbon filter attached so that the box will emit no odor....

    Please Post any Suggestions as this is my first time growing. Im looking for the best solution to provide adaquete airflow to the plants and eliminate odor
  2. I have heard a lot about ozone generators, and apparently they are easy to make. Anyone know about this?
  3. HIGH All, you might need a bigger fan to push the air though the carbon filter..but then again it wouldn't hurt to try right.

    How HIGH is this box? 3 feet..I would think you'd need more room...150w hps in it mmmmmm lots of people out there doing these little box grows...has anyone see the end results yet?

    here's good reading.
  4. You defintly need a bigger fan then that to make sure there's as little smell as possible. And the Nothern Lights strain doesn't produce too much smell, from what I've read. Oh, and if you want a cheap and easy carbon filter-


    Grow on.
  5. I'm using a Living Air Ozone generator/HEPA filter combo. The unit costs a good $300-350, but I haven't had a single problem with odor in the entire time of growing. If there is, you can just crank up the power to adapt. It was nice to find it, though, because it was just sitting around before I began growing.


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