venting into attic?

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  1. good evening gc,

    i am planning on venting into the attic above my room. i have a few questions.

    i have a tent inside of a windowless room. there is passive intake into the room and the tent from the underneath the door to the room. the light hood is being vented out through the attic. as far as i know, the attic is sealed off.

    is this going to create a pressure issue? currently the trapdoor to the attic which holds the venting and fan is not completely sealed. i was planning on putting mesh around the holes to prevent insulation from coming down and to get some better airflow. so air should be able to be pushed into the attic, and flow out into and out of the room.

    does this seem like it will work? thanks for the help.
  2. You need the attic to vent, I'm sure it is, but hook your fan up to test that the air leaves the attic, before the grow gets started

    If not your attic might mold
  3. yeah, when the fan is turned off but connected to the ducting and into the attic, it spins. i'm assuming that means there is proper air flow then? thanks man
  4. I've never heard of an attic that isn't vented. Attics build up heat, that causes air to expand, so attics are designed to vent because they will push the air out anyway.
  5. In my life I've seen two that weren't... but most have eve vents that would be incredibly hard to see... so you just gotta know what to look for...

    but im sure OP's is vented...
  6. ^Exactly, if it isn't vented at the cap then at least along the eaves.
  7. Great that all sounds good to me. Thanks for the input gentlemen
  8. You should have vented soffit panels..
  9. By law or code. In the usa you need to have a pass through for for attic... so air can escape... I'm prety sure its vented up there

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