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  1. I'm looking to add a second hood/light to my 4x4 and was wondering what the best way to mount and setup ventilation if I want one 8" fan doing all the work.

    Can I do

    Scrubber --> Y split into 2 ducts connected to both hoods ---> Y split (combining both ducts into 1) connected to exhaust fan ---> out??

    Sorry if that's hard to visualize. I'm trying to sort all this stuff out lol.
  2. you can. its not the best. there is going to be twice the heat and only one fan. plus maybe a little loss of cfm. what power of light? size of your hood?
  3. yeah... what swagar says... we need the wattages of the lights and current temps and where you are venting to

    any sort of pics you have will help of your current settup
  4. I have a 400w in a yield master 2 classic 6" hood. I am contemplating either adding a 600w and running both or runnin 1x1000w however I'm leaning towards mixed spectrum right now...

    I would like to run one 8" fan with a speed controller and just have one fan to scrub and cool the lights. I have a 4" fan I'm using now, and can use it if I really need to but I'd rather run one big fan then two smaller ones

    Can I run scrubber --> hood 1 --> hood 2 --> fan --> outside room through my ac duct being dispersed into the livin room

    I'm in NorCal ambient air is outside temp usually since its been cold at night . Tent hovers 70-75 ATM no issues at all

    Thanks again guys
  5. Here are some pics... When I upgrade that exhaust duct will be going into that ac duct you see there and out into the kitchen/living room.. You can see the dark spots in the tent already and that's not even the whole tent

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  6. You could. You might need that four inch to bring in cold air. You would be fine with a second 400. Less heat to worry about.
  7. my only concern is how your going to get fresh air to your room...

    you said your going to push your hot air into your living room, and that is fine, but how are you going to deliver fresh cool air to your grow space once your dumping your hot air into your living room and then pulling the hot air right back into your grow space?

    you should vent your tent outside threw a window... you can make a muffler or purchase one for cheap... you wouldn't even be able to hear the noise of the fan thew the ducting after a muffler

    if you do it like this you will have zero heat issues...

    the differences between a 400 watt light and a 1K are staggering... this is why you have not had heat issues yet. Its always suggested to not go over 600 watts to help reduce heat... one alternative is to purchase a digital 1k ballast and bulb... this way if you have the 1K bulb you can turn the wattage up or down to help alleviate heat in case you cant/wont vent out of your window... and if you purchased a dual reflector life would be so much easier on space

    also the larger the fan the less noise you will hear from the fan... so moving up to a 6 will help greatly... and a 8 even more so... insulated ducting will also help if your trying to keep some stealth...

    it all comes down to dollars...

    i even saw a guy who just drilled and put another bulb in his existing hood... so if your handy you could make this happen

    a solid budget will help... but those pics you posted helped the most... nice job, how does your air get into your grow space?
  8. two hoods => fan - filter
  9. or even hood - hood - fan - filter
  10. if u use two hoods and want to use one fan first whats your cfm and it may work to double the cfm stronger exhaust to pull out air if u only want to use one
  11. Cool thanks for the info guys. From what you have said I have been completely rethinking my tent orientation in my room and buying a muffler and venting out the window may be the best option.

    Here are some pics of where I could possibly move the tent to in my room and I don't know how I would conceal ducting venting directly out of the window so maybe I can have it going out the window discreetly at an angle if that makes sense....

    I'm planning on buying an 8" 720 cfm fan w/ a speed controller to help reduce noise.

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  12. good idea... you should cover that window anyway... glad you showed it

    tin foil works well... just smooth it out really good and it does not look that bad, i promise...

    I've used a chunk of 3/4 inch plywood (laminated white works really well for making it durable to the sun and elements) with a hole cut threw the wood and a connector just screwed to the board from the inside... make sure to brace the window from the inside to keep people from forcing the window open

    you should also consider a solar screen to keep bugs out and to stop people from looking... if you visit your local hardware store you can make one for next to nothing and they work great for stealth
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    I think tin foil may be suspicious on the window? And also I am on the second story so I don't really have to worry about people at the window which is good. I'm still not understanding what you meant to conceal the venting out the window... And any brand muffler you reccomend?

    Edit: I have a 3-400$ budget and I'd rather keep it lower than higher lol. I have decided to go with a 600w addition to my tent. Probably lumatek since they are reasonably priced and seem very trustworthy and are UL listed / CE certified as far as I can tell.

    So far what I've come down to is

    600w lumatek ballast w/ non "high end" hps bulb
    8" fan
    Yield master classic 2 air cooled hood

    Still not sure about how going to vent though....
  14. Ok so looks like I'm going to be getting

    Hydrofarm phantom 750w ballast - $190
    8" hydrofarm active air fan - $90
    8" ac hood w/ glass - $68
    Plant max 750w hps bulb - $30

    Seem like a good deal?
  15. good deal...funny i was going to suggest a plant max bulb... they are not considered high end, and shhhhhh.. don't tell anyone they're literally the exact same as every other bulb but 1/5th the money...

    tin foil is not suspicious.. you could simply not like light in your room... i cover every window in my house but the one that faces the street, i hate light anyway... but you'll want to cover the window anyway... any light into a grow space is not a good idea

    no matter what you do i'd strongly suggest you add some sort of a cover over the whole window... or some sort of a grate... ill start looking for something for you to vent threw so you have some stealth going... cause i don't see you adding a solar screen on a second story... gimme a second to do some research

    but i'd pull the trigger on your purchases... they seem good to me
  16. here is one idea...

    cover the window from the inside with panda film.. you have the option of black or white, it shouldn't be that expensive.. maybe five or ten bucks

    then build a small box to fit into the window and hook your ducting to the box... with a small access port you could open or close the window

    obviously the ducting would be connected to the box so you couldn't see the ducting from the outside... making like a zig zag threw your box and out of the window.. maybe paint the inside of the box black or white to match the panda film...

    this seems easy and cheap to me and honestly i wish i had done this at my house...

    id do this... materials would be cheap
  17. Too excited!

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  18. Bungee cords are always the preferred method to hold fans....start setting up
  19. So this is what I got done so far.. I will be finishing today for sure however the ac register above the door is 6" diameter.. Will I Hirt my ventilation if I use an 8-6" reducer at the end?

    Also should I use insulated ducting inside the tent or ?

    Thank you ! I will start a journal once it's all setup lol

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