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  1. I wanted to know how to construct light traps for my ventilation then air can come and go through these holes but no light will escape does anyone have any ideas.....ideas that are cheap would be real good!!
  2. I was going to prescribe the first idea, but then discovered that i couldnt explain the idea well enough to be understood... Tube sounds like the simplest method out of the two, but you could always just put a small box on the outside of the wall and just leave it bottomless, then nobody will see the light as it is drawing up from the bottom and any light hitting a straight wall (so to speak) will bounce back as it has no angle to divert it elsewhere, thus minimal if any light showing through... if this didnt make sense...forgive me....

    take care.
  3. i've seen this done before. put a piece of cloth over the end of the fan that the air blows out of, so when the fan isnt blowing the cloth falls over the fan, but when it comes on it flaps in the wind. it works man...
  4. Thanks for all the help I need it to be light proof coz it will be in the bedroom and when we sleep i dont want to be able to see the light cause those HPS lights are too bright and plus my girlfriend said that i should make it light proof coz if her friends see light coming from it they ask about it and i dont want any of them knowing!
    Thanks agian

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