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  1. Hello,

    I am planning on cultivating 6-8 plants.

    My room is 16' W x 16 L' x 8' T

    Will two 400 MH/HPS fixtures w relectors be adequate lighting?

    Will I need any cooling ventilation for the lights or will this size room provide enough cooling space?

  2. Hi.

    That sounds like a huge space for only 6-8 plants. The problem you will have is wasting light. If your plants are enclosed by a reflective wall then the light bounces around the room and makes the lights much more efficient. If you plan on having the plants spread around the whole room you will need a few 1000 watt bulbs!

    I have a 3x3 space with a 400 watter, and it's usually got 5-7 plants in it. To ventilate a room that size you will also need a serious exhaust fan. You will want to clear the room every couple of minutes, which is much easier with a smaller space.

    Here's some links for lighting and ventilation:
    The Green Pages - Lighting
    The Green Pages - Ventilation
  3. Hello,

    I thought by using a larger area I could escape the cooling/ventilation.

    I have two identical size closets I can utilize.
    6'10" W x 3'8" D x 8' H (70" W x 44" D x 96" T)

    I was planning on purchasing two HTG Supply Dirty Dozen Organic Starter packs. HTG Supply - The Dirty Dozen Organic Starter Pack

    Kit Includes:

    • 400 watt Grow Light with Four Sided Horizontal Reflector
    • High Output High Pressure Sodium Bulb
    • High Output Metal Halide Conversion Bulb
    • Heavy Duty Timer
    • Pair of High Low Reflector Hangers
    • Roots Organics Buddha Gow and Bloom
    • 2 Seed Starter 6 Packs
    • 12 THREE GALLON Grow Bags
    • 50' Roll of Reflective Mylar
    • Thermometer / Hygrometer

    They come with a 400W HPS bulb and 400W MH Conversion bulb. It comes with an Open Air Four Sided Reflector. Should I upgrade to an Air Cooled Relector and cooling/ventilation? Air Coolable

    What size would you suggest 6 or 8" for the duct work?

    I will line the walls and celing with reflective Mylar.

    Will this be adequate lighting etc.. for these size spaces with 4-6 plants in each?

    Will the included 3 gallon containers be sufficient or should I step up to 5?

    I plan on cultivating Rudelaris in one closet and Photoperiod in the other. Since this is my first growing experience I would like to experiment with nutrients, soils etc...

  4. I think they are very big spaces for such a small number of plants. To make the most of your light you will want to put all your plants as close as possible. You will probably find that you are only using a small part of those rooms. Ruderalis plants don't grow very big either, so 6 of them will easily fit into a 3x3 area.

    One thing you could do is set up an unenclosed grow in a 3x3 space at one end of your closets, leaving you with plenty of space for storing things and moving around. I think if you try to hang your light in the middle of the room you will not get enough light reaching the plants further away, especially with a 400 watt. If you really want to fill the whole room with plants then you will need a much bigger bulb. 600 to 1000 watts is usually good for a 4x4 to 5x5 area.

    Again, if you need a larger spread of light, you will have to place the bulb higher up which means you won't need an air cooled hood. Air cooled hoods and cool tubes are handy for grows where the lights are hung directly over the plants.

    You could get away with a smaller exhaust to provide fresh air as well as an oscillating fan for air movement within the rooms. Even with a large space the plants will still quickly use up all the co2 in the air, unless you will have an open door or window nearby.

    The duct work depends on the power of your ventilation system. If you need a lot of venting go for the 8" obviously, and vice versa.

    3 gallons is fine, i use 3 gallons. If you're planning of growing monsters then yes, but with a 400 watter 3 gallons is plenty.

    I tend to prefer compact grows, where the space is full and the light is as close to the canopy as possible. Some people prefer grows with lots of space which also has it's benefits.

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