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  1. hey everyone heres a picture of my grow room, it gets hot as fuck in there even with the door open, any suggestions???

    My closet.JPG

    also heres a pic of my plants at 2 weeks old :D

    2 weeks.JPG
  2. cant really see but do you have ventilation when door isnt open??also is that the fan pointing up at the light??
    if it is the fan, try to bring in fresh air, cause the way i see it, your just circulaing the warm air that is in the grow closet...also, the light is probably really hot, so get a smaller fan and position it attached to the light and blowing air over it...
  3. Well... with a nuclear furnace as a lamp in your closet as I see you have, you have three options :

    1. get Gail force winds inside.:) so yeah ventilate!
    2. get a smaller lamp.:devious:
    3. meltdown!:mad:
  4. you have to cut a hole in the wall right at the same height as the lamp and have the fan pulling out the hot air. Remember you need make up air so leave a hole the same size as the hole you made for the fan at the bottom of the closet thing you got. The air will pull through that fucker with force. Bringing cooler air from bottom and taking with it hot air out at the top.
  5. I can't make a hole in the wall cuz im renting this apartment.. :/
  6. I'm in a similar situation. If I were to make a hole in the top of a closet to put a fan in (most likely a carbon filter too), would I need to direct the flow at all after the fact?

    Are there any detailed threads (preferably with pictures) on how to set up ventilation for closet grows? Its really the only aspect of growing in an appartment that I havent been able to fully figure out.

  7. Well I'm far from a master (have yet to even actually start my first grow! Taking my time and doing lots of testing with vegetables first). I have a similar setup (using a C25 box) and heat was/is still an issue. Here's what I did - and mind you, I'm not limited by a high school student's income nor must this be a stealth setup as my girlfriend doesnt care.

    I bought a 465CFM squirrel fan (biggest they had at the store) and put that inside my box on the ceiling. I then bought some 4 inch duct and a flange and mounted that on the top. I then extended the duct to the door of the room this box is in. The duct hangs over the top of the bedroom door pointing towards the hallway.

    Basically, this pushes the hot air out of the room without causing any physical damage. I then setup a floor fan to blow into the area to keep the cool air going in while the hot air was leaving. The ONLY way this would be a bad setup is if you're going for a stealth setup. Having 10ft of duct hanging over a door is far from stealth.

    If you're stealth and in a closet it's a piece of cake! Just cut a 4inch diameter circle in the wall, put on a flange using drywall anchors and use duct to connect it. Then when you move just patch the wall (there are kits for this at home depot and it's VERY easy).

    Bottom line - getting more fans and pushing air around does nothing but bring the temp of the enter area up. You MUST exhaust that hot air OUT of the area...not just out of the grow box.

  8. listen bro I understand.. I rent homes all the time and ventilation is something that you DO NOT have a choice in providing, expecially if you are growing hydro.. so buckle down a cut a 4x4 hole in the lower left hand side down below and in the cieling(are you top floor)? cause bro.. your nutes and plants are gonna cook like that .. and when you flower if you don't have vents and can't keep the door closed.. you will have to be there every morning at 7 to open it and every evening to close it.. for flowering and you just won't do it and you'll have hermies and it'll all get F@#$'ed up.. so just do it.. trust me sheetrock is the easiest thing in the WORLd to patch and you can't even tell you cut a hole.. just make sure you don't hit any studs and get a little blower(465cfm) and get some air moving in and out of that room..
  9. take a cooltube with 600watts hps + extracting (130 cubes meter per hour), in a room at 25!!
    BIG thanks to grasscity, i have bought feminised hempstar, 4 seeds in my box and 2,5 month later : 300grs!!!(dry)
    more than 100grs of smoke for my month, thank you, thanks grolux hps and cooltube!!! love weed love humanity love grasscity
  10. Like I said : he has build himself a nuclear furnace.
  11. CLICK HERE and HERE for the answer to your problems. All you have to do is hang the fan somewhere outside the closet near the ceiling and then hook up a duct line b/w the cool tube and the fan and you're in business. Put a small fan blowing ont he plant during the dark cycles when you flower and you can just disconnect the duct and shut the door for the dark cycle. During the light cycles you hook the duct back to the tube and your cyphon that hot air from around the bulb and blow it throughout your room. No hoels to cut and your bulb will last longer too.

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