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  1. I’m growing just 2 autoflowers in a spare bedroom. I plan on getting a grow tent at some point but I currently have a redneck setup with some boxes, a 300W LED light with built in fan, and bedsheets over the entire thing. Right behind the setup is an open window. Should I cut a hole in the sheets at the back by the window to get circulation? I fear it’s getting too warm in that tight area and the fan from the LED is just circulating the same old air. I added 2 pics, 1 showing the inside and the other with the sheets covering the setup.

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  2. That might work. Hot air rises, cold air sinks. So putting a hole up higher near window would allow hot air to escape. It would be good to also get a inflow of colder air from the other side as well.


    || warm air<<<---\
    || \
    || \
    --------{Plants}-------------<<<<-Cold Air

    *Dammit...formatting screwed it up, but you get the idea.
  3. Why do you have sheets wrapped around everything so tight like that?

    just hang the light over the seedlings. you don't need to wrap it up tight with blankets and boxes
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  4. Why the sheets if you've got the whole room? I'm also doing 2 Autos in what used to be a bedroom and use a fan and the A/C to ventilate.

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  5. The light doesn’t escape in a big room if not enclosed in something? I’m a first timer here as you’ve already noticed.
  6. Don't overthink it Blackout. Your light has a "footprint". Keep the plant in the footprint and keep air moving.
  7. I took the sheets off and gave them some room. Thanks for pointing out I’m a dumbass. I raised the light too. It was only at 10” but now at 18”. Feel free to chime in if that’s the wrong height for auto seedlings about a week in.
  8. I guess I was confused by everyone saying 2x2 or 3x3 ft space. I was thinking the whole room and not just the plants themselves. Thanks everyone.
  9. Cool. With no sheet, just blaze the fan on them (oscillating.not on them). Should be good. Don't put fan on high. But enough to get them to flow about a little (like wind) when the air hits them.
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  10. 24-30" will give them all the light they need, then start lowering gradually to 18" as they add nodes. My blurple pulls 235-350 watts true and I keep it at 30" till the 4th -5th week. Best of luck, you'll get it figured.
  11. Knowledge
    28 watts per square foot of the hi quality Samsung quantum boards ( LED ) GROW LIGHTS
    48 watts per square foot with the led light you are using commonly know as a blurple .

    I have a little joke I tell myself .
    SOG (Simulated Ocean Grown ) LOL
    I basically have two , twenty inch fans blowing full throttle PER PLANT .
    My plants dont have fungi or insect issues any more ...........
    They also have thick stems and branches.
    They grow stronger and healthier.
    I do grow larger then normal plants for a indoor rdwc grower
    I was in the hospital and these plants got a little big on me before I got them into the budding tent . 20190421_104511.jpg 20190611_195310.jpg

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  12. Thanks man, nice setup by the way!
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