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  1. Can i use a dehumidifier or do i have to made a duct ventilation? . Thinking about using a 40* 40* 120cm grow tent in my closet. I have a small apt with small closet.
  2. Don't really need it, depending on the humidity of course, but yes an exhaust fan is a must to create negative pressure, and can attach carbon filter for smell.. and it also helps with humidity !
  3. Oh just read the space, might get a carbon filter in there..
  4. The space and location in my apt is my major problem if anything.
    I would do the ducting because its needed. But cant find a way to do it online using a small ducting sytem
  5. What do you man man can't find a way ?
    Just get a little 4 inch inside the tent with some ventilation tube sucking out and then something open somewhere else in the tent to it can suck the air In
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