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  1. how important is ventilation??? i have three little guys growing right now with no ventilation... they are about 3-4 inches tall... should i add some ventilation to my grow rom now??? or what till they get bigger??? or forget the whole idea altogether??? my grow room is in a box... and adding ventilation would mean cutting out a piece of that box making it less light proof???

    so all in all .... is it worth it? if so... how much for three plants?
  2. Umm I open all the windows letting in nice cool air, I have screens so no bugs get in and I have a fan blowing a little air around the room. Also satnds to reason it would help keep the plants from burning and getting hot spots and give an exchange of O2 and CO2 .. I guess.
    I think we are trying to fool the plants into thinking it is fall and time to flower, so anything that would enulate that should be good...
    I will keep doing things till all my plants are either flowered and full of THC or dead...LOL

    I'm new so don't realie on what I say as if it is properthing to do. Thanx
  3. didnt really anwswer my question...
  4. good ventilation is very important, not only does it help with odor problems, but it keeps your humidy levels right and your temperture right.
    a good idea is to make ventilation now rather than wait. you might consider getting rid of one of your walls in your box and putting a fan in its place. its best to have a way for the air to get in and out.
  5. k... thx

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