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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am wondering if this is going to be sufficient for smell and air intake. (The umbrella reflector takes up alot of room, will the vacuum be strong enough to get by it?)
    Phresh filter 6x16 in 400cfm
    Sunleaves wind tunnel inline fan 409 cfm.

    My grow box is 4(w)x4(l)x7(h) Im not sure if I want to vent out the window due to the neighbors stairs being right next to it (I dont want hurricane winds blowing out my window). So I was wondering if I run the "filtered"air back into the room will it smell? Should I attach another small filter to the end of the hose? I am going to grow: Blue widow, Berry bomb, Cheese Bomb, Industrial Plant, 400watt with Umbrella reflector.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    pic 1: Room layout
    Pic 2: where the window is (literally 3 inches away)
    pic 3: Air exchange
    Pic 4: closeness to tent

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  2. Vent out of the side/top of your grow space and leave the window opened a bit. The smell, regardless of where you vent, should be taken care of by the carbon filter.
  3. Unless you vent somewhere other than the room your intake is coming from heat is going to be a problem. In other words, if your intake and output (where you're venting TO) are the same, you're just recirculating hot air.
  4. Where's your intake?? And yes, bringing the hot stale air back into the room is exactly the wrong idea, you are supposed to be bringing fresh cool air back in.
  5. portable a/c, intakes of the tent, never used charcoal filters so I wanna make sure its going to do the job or if need be adding another small one to the end.
  6. Airflow will get by the umbrella fine, if your reflector ran the entire length of your cab 1" away from the wall you'd still have 48 sq inches of airflow on one side, much more for all 4 sides.

    What I'd do is vent and scrub into the room and use a window fan or something that looks ordinary to exchange the air in the room. That way you can tell when your filter needs to be changed without your neighbors finding out.

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