Ventilation question.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dmc, May 29, 2006.

  1. Well i got a grow going in the closet.

    It's not in a box or anything

    But if I put a fan in the closet and let it go in there.

    Would it get rid of odor?
  2. No. To remove odor you have to remove the stinky air or filter it to remove the stink, not just blow it around.
  3. So if i get the air out of the closet..
  4. Yes, vent the air out of the closet. You will have to deal with odor wherever that air ends up, so if you vent to a bedroom then the closet may not reek but the bedroom will. You should vent to the outside or unused space like an attic -- in a spot where no one will walk by and smell it (keeping in mind utility meter readers etc).

    Pass that exhaust through a carbon scrubber first and you will eliminate or greatly reduce the odor, but keep in mind that scrubber will add resistance to your airflow so you will need a stronger fan.
  5. Well, in my house we have a air exchange constantly running

    So there's air getting exchanged with air outside.. you think this will work good enough?

    Cause i do have one vent that exchanges air from outside to air inside in the room with the closet
  6. I wouldn't rely solely on that. I doubt it is exchanging 100% of the air, that kind of system is designed to let some fresh air in, not to vent out strong penetrating odors.
  7. Ah well, it does a pretty good job

    Like if i burn something really bad in the kitchen.. the smells gone within minutes.

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