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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grasshopper914, May 14, 2011.

  1. Trying to decide on ventilation for my grow cabinet and need some opinions. Specifics of my grow cabinet: 4x3x3 (LxWxH) So, not huge, but surprisingly has a decent amount of room. I have it set up to use a combination of cfl's and a T5 fixture. I plan on growing about 3 plants at a time using scrog, possibly 4 at max. I have 3 passive intakes right now, and two corner mounted fans. Exhaust is where I need a little help, and yes ive already searched and done my research, but im still a little confused. Will a 40 cfm computer fan be enough to pull the hot air out of my cabinet? The fan will have to be able to pull through a carbon filter as well. Do i need to get an inline or will I be fine? Space is limited, and must be very silent. Thanks guys
  2. silent? inline fan is out then....

    you cant run an inline fan totally silent. unless youre some kind of genius...
  3. The problem with computer fans (muffin fans) is that they don't have the pressure. CFM is not the only rating you need to look at when choosing an exhaust fan that is going to pull through a carbon filter. If you are going to run enough lights to grow 3-4 plants it's going to get hot! Not as hot as an HID, but it will get hotter than the plants will like. I would say to get an inline. You could get away with a good 4" inline if mounted correctly wouldn't make too much noise. This is something we all struggle with when building a cab. VENTILATION! You could always start out with the computer fan and see how it does. If need be you could always upgrade. Good Luck!

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