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ventilation question

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Xx_SyNDrOMe_xX, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. i just did the math on my 6ft x 3ft x 4ft room n came up with 14.4 cfm.

    does that sound right?

    so i need a exhaust fan that clears 14.4cubic ft per minute (minnimum)

    running a 600watt
  2. You have 72 cubic feet. A space can't have "cfm" (cubic feet per minute).

    I think you'll need a fan rated at a couple hundred cfm at a minimum. You might need an air-cooled hood to handle the heat of that 600w light.
  3. im just scrogging one
  4. ??

    That doesn't change the volume of the room that needs air exchange...

    You sure you want to match one plant to a 600w lamp?
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    I think he is right, my tent is 2x4x7 and I am using a 600 watt and have two fans, an intake and exhaust and they are around 180ish cfm each, and I am pretty sure I might need to upgrade, or use one of them for cooling on its own, and the other being the scrubber, although I am not keen on the idea of negative pressure intakes though, I might be okay, not sure yet.

    Also you forgot part of your cfm problem, if your going to use a scrubber, you need to at least double your cfm needs, a couple hundred to be a minimum seems to be a good starter rule, unless your going micro grow.

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