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  1. Ok so the new area ill be growing in is a closet. I can fit 6 plants in there, and Ill be using a 400w HPS. There is a door in the closet that goes under the house, and thats what ill be using for my ventilation. Im thinking about cutting 2 duct holes into the door, and then fitting mounts on them. and have the intake come from one side under the house, and the exhaust will be cleaned and then sent out at the other side under the building. My question is, during the winter, what will i do about the cold? I can't exactly have 40f air coming into my grow room. If anyone has any tips, tricks, or hints on ventilation Im all ears.
  2. why not intake from the adjacent room and exhaust out under?
  3. Well its in my friends apartment, so its not like we can cut a hole in the door. Were thinking about putting shelves infront of the door, so people cant see it. (Closet is in the kitchen) And I would think fresh air would be better for the plant, but if there is no other way, im sure you can find a way to intake from a part of the house.
  4. So you can cut a hole in the floor but not the door, oooookkkkk

    well, draft air from the crawl space till temps get too low. Then. Go to home depot or lowes and get the cheapest door you can find and just replace the door. When you move put their door back.
  5. There is a trap door in the floor, i was going to take off the current door and replace it with one I made with holes in it. that way if he ever needed the place back to normal he can just swap the doors back.

    HAHAHAHA i forgot i could just do that with the door! thanks man :)
  6. Np. Take pictures of your trap door. Gotta see this. Start a journal
  7. Ya, next time Im there I will. We still need the money to buy the equipment so It wont be started for atleast 3 weeks. But I can start the journal in the meantime.
  8. Perfect. I'm gonna read it
  9. Ok ive got more of an idea for the ventilation for the room, im drawing a sketch but i need to know somethings before I can finish it. Im going to be using an air cooled reflector, how do i integrate it into my ventilation? Or should I just hook up the exhaust fan duct line sucking from the hood, and leave the other side open using that as the exhaust point in my room? Or what? and where do i put a charcoal filter in all the ducting? before the inline fan, correct? so Hood->Ducting->Charcoal Filter->Ducting->Inline fun(sucking)->Ducting->Exhaust Vent? Or what? Enlighten Me! hahaha thanks in advance
  10. filter...ducting... hood... ducting... fan.. ducting out of grow space

    after you see some pictures of filters you will see why the filter goes first
  11. Alright, so Filter cause it gets shit from all around correct? then ducting, hood, ducting fan, dtucting out of grow room. Alright ill sketch it up soon and scan it in.
  12. the filter will be placed as high as you can get it in your grow space...

    if you don't have room you can do...

    hood... ducting... fan... ducting(optional)... carbon filter
  13. Its not up there but I would put 1 or 2 circulating fans in there. is this a good setup? Ive never done ventilation before and i want to make sure its good, also im going to caulk all the corners of the room, because its not all sealed. Lining the walls with either mylar or black/white poly. And Maybe later I can add a co2 generator and an ac unit. and istall an air3 ive heard those are great.

    Note: The vent runs down the side of the wall and most likely in between the plants, im planing on fitting 6 to 8 in here. most likely 6.

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  14. perfect... nice drawing.... make the intake hole about six inches... since you have a six inch fan... if you find you need more air then drill another.... your looking to keep pressure in your grow so smell wont leak out
  15. Thanks, this is what I was planning on doing for intake, if the room is sealed im pretty sure it will work. What do you think?

    Also, ill prolly make the hole 6"

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  16. I like the grill. The box however will not work. Imagine two 90 degree elbows like an S. Put a small space between the holes and spray the inside of your box black. Make sure you do a light test once it's done. You don't want light getting in there
  17. I love rumple. That guy rocks

    exactly. But you can build it outa wood if you want. Or metal.

    I built mine outa metal dryer ducting that is used for low profile exhausts on dryers. It's a 15 dollar piece of metal. I cut it down and painted it and taped the air leaks. Works like a champ. It sits behind my washer and pulls fresh air into my garage grow
  18. Ill just use 2 of these - - Also ill need a flange that I could also drill into the door to mount it. are there any thing like that?

  19. I can't view it. But the description sounds right. I need a link bro. On my phone

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