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  1. I'm about to start my first grow but I'm still not sure what to do as far as ventilation. What is most cost effective, what will work best with my set-up, etc.
    I'm working with a 2x2x4 grow tent and a 300w LED grow light to grow one plant at a time (all I have space for. Plus I'd rather grow one really good plant than multiple so-so plants that are in pots that are too small and don't get enough light).
    Anyways, what I was wondering is what I should do for ventilation and/or odor control. Fans, carbon filters, Ona buckets, etc etc
    Also not looking to spend a ton of money but I do have a bit to play around with.
    Any suggestions, experiences, comments, whatever are welcome.
    Thanks guys
  2. for my 3x3, i bought a 50$ amagabeli 4" exhaust fan and DIY'd an active carbon filter thats duct taped to the inlet of the fan. in total i spent around 65$ usd and it scrubs the whole room 10'×12'×7' from odors. it doesnt come with an speed adjustment, but that would only be about another 15-20$
  3. I seen that one and it has great reviews especially being so cheap. How long have you had it in use? Do you use the speed controller?
  4. ive only had it a few weeks and no speed controller. my tent is in the other room and when i close the door i can hardly hear it. its only slightly louder than a window ac unit on full force.

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