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    Hey guys im new to growing, reading a lot. I was just wondering where do you buy intake and exhaust fans, and are they hard to install ?

    EDIT* When it comes to odor, I need a carbon filter, is there a different way to cover up the smell? or carbon filters are the way to go and again are they hard to install ?*

  2. i get most of my stuff on e-bay. as for installation, it depends on what typre of fan you have. most are fairly easy to install. most just need a clamp and a screw driver to install.
  3. Local hydro stores or online, use search engine and shop around because prices can differ greatly from site to site.

    No. It's easy. In most cases a exhaust is a carbon filter connected with a flange connected to a short length of ducting then that connects to the fan then another length of ducting routed to wherever you want your exhaust to go.

    You don't need a fan intake unless you have a larger room, any room larger than 4x4x7 high you would need to force in air. In smaller rooms you can use a passive intake which is just an opening on the opposite side of where the exhaust fan is low to the ground and is usually 3-6 times larger than the diameter of the exhaust fan. This allows the exhaust fan power to just pull in fresh air through the passive intake. It's a good idea to filter any intake as well. A simple mid-grade furnace filter fitted into the grow room for a passive or a cut piece of same filter fitted around duct opening.

    You must also know the cfm's needed for the room. Here is a good cfm calculator link

    ACF Greenhouse Exhaust Fans & CFM Calculator

    If forcing in intake air your intake fan must not be more powerful than your exhaust fan. More air going out through the exhaust and carbon filter and less air coming in creates negative pressure which will keep the odors in check.

    So much to learn, Good luck.

  4. Thanks a lot and yes indeed there is so much to learn :D thanks for the help !!
  5. Got most of my stuff at amazon.
  6. have a look at ''DIY - ONA Odor Control Bucket (CHEAP & EASY!)'' in the D I Y section.

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