ventilation professionals needed!!

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  1. The house I have is normally 78 degrees because of energy costs... and I have a 10x12ft bedroom that is about 80-82 degrees normally because of all my computers and electronics. INSIDE this room I have a very small stand in closet. It's as measures:

    3.5ft deep, 5ft wide, 8ft tall.
    SQUARE FOOT 17.5SQ. FT (3.5 * 5 = 17.5)
    Total volume 140 cubic feet (3.5 * 5 * 8 = 140)

    Please check my math....

    I have a 6in oscilating fan inside, as well as 2 55cfm fans to circulate airflow INSIDE the closet.... I also plan on getting this scrubber to replace the 6" osc. fan mentioned above...


    What do I need to bring these temps way down??

    The room is limited, I have fluorescent lights in one side of the grow room, and I will be placing a 400watt HPS on the other for flowering. I need drastic cooling.

    Someone mentioned squirrel cage fan, but the problem is I don't know how they work, and after searching, can't find much information on how to use them properly. Would it vent to the attic? and if it vents to the attic, will the attic smell??? I can't have the smells! Has to be a stealth grow.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!!! It's already much appreciated!!
  2. yeah u can vent to the attic. and to handle the smell, get u a carbon filter

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