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  1. Hey all I have a problem with my ventilation. I have a grow room under the base of my house and it is by far the best location for it because of the darkness and the stealthy location. This is great! But I have one problem, I only have one entrance through a 2x2 hatch in my closet to get into it. I am using fans currently to circulate all bad air out of their (One pointing up through the hatch and another blowing out the door, all windows are open to circulate air through and out of the house.) Am I going to be okay having just one entrance? I was thinking I would cycle air in and out using the fan for 12 hours blowing out and the other 12 blowing in? Will this work? Or do I just need to buck up and dig a 4 foot hole under the house? Is it going to severely damage my plant growth if I do this instead of having two entrances? Thanks guys!!
  2. I just read that soil contains significantly more CO2 than air, and since my whole grow is surrounded by the soil under my house does this mean I will be okay with having only one entrance to ventilate air outwards? Thanks!
  3. Is this a crawl space or a basement? Sounds like a crawl space.

    For adequate ventilation, you need an intake and an exhaust. Most crawl spaces have some small windows or some air infiltration depending on the construction of the house. So fan pulling out will move some air out and pull some fresh air in, but you want as much fresh air as possible down there - air gets very stale and usually damp depending on location and yet again construction. If you have some small windows, leave them open a crack and put a screen in there to keep animals out or get a crawl space fan installed if you cannot manage to install it yourself (rather simple, but all depends on yet again construction and how handy you are)
  4. No window or anything. House is built on a foundation that has cement bricks 3 feet under the ground. Would have to dig down three feet to open up ventilation but that would be a pretty hard job. Air down their is very musky and I have a fan blowing out of the entry way to try and get rid of it.

    Area is a crawl space roughly 3-4 feet high at the highest point and 1-2 feet at the lowest. Area is roughly 50' x 50' so it is a huge space with lots of open air.
  5. Keep a close watch on humidity down there, cool air has a much higher RH%.

    Heavy rains never leave it damp/wet down there? Be sure your gutters are in good shape. Be sure it never gets wet down there.

    Solid cement takes a heavy duty drill to bore a decent hole through, nor would I recommend it on a foundation, thats best left to the builder.

    If cement goes all the way up to the floor your basically F'd for making a vent hole. But if the home sits on some wood you could do it. Otherwise, take a good look at the foundation, you might have enough air infiltration to make it through a couple grows.
    Find someone who can install a crawl space fan for you, pull air from the crawl space and vent it outside, that will pull air from your home into your grow area.

    Good luck, you may end up opting for a grow tent for best results. I would hate to see your crop spoil due to lack of ventilation. Keep a fan going all the time, as soon as the fan turns off mold will want to settle.

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